Folies de Seeinteracting

Folies de Seeintaracting



From a technological point of view, «Folies de Seeinteracting» is an application of 3D motion capture techniques to the field of music and dancing. This technology, specifically developed for the event, creates a strong bond between music and dance, providing a new, non-traditional perspective. The dancing act does not follow a predefined music track exclusively: It’s the choreographic action itself that actively modifies sounds themselves, generating, the necessary conditions for a recursive, reciprocal interaction between sound and gesture and between gesture and sound. The performance scheme is therefore enriched by the spontaneity of improvisation, in both music and dance. It’s roots, from an artistic point of view, can be found in the ancient iberic dance “follia”, as well as in the musical follia, which was particularly widespread at the end of the ‘600s and the ‘700s.



Seeinteracting is an ongoing research project regarding 3D motion capture technologies applied to sound, dance, and other performing arts, as well as the biomedical field. It was born withing the MIS, “Master in Ingegneria del Suono e dello Spettacolo” (Master of sound Engineering and Perfoming Arts) at the Electronic Engineering Department of the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, from the cooperation between Marco Bertola, Emiliano Daddario, Maurizio Massarelli e Gianluca Susi, all of which teach some of the Master courses there. This project also features the collaboration of the dancer/coreograph Livia Massarelli as well as other students that are working on their thesis in the department of electronic engineering.






Music and Cello: Maurizio Massarelli

Interaction and live electronics: Marco Bertola

Dancers: Margherita Costantini e Francesca Formisano

Choreography: Livia Massarelli

Engineering: Gianluca Susi

Architect: Margherita Costanza Salvini

Zephyr Visual Project (Marco Artibani)
In collaboration with: Associazione Filarmonica Umbra
First execution:International performing arts festival” – Terni 2015 –