Achieving a high level of translation in the world of fragmented playback and the challenges it creates for monitoring

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Anssi Hyvönen, CEO e ingegnere progettista di Amphion Audio, e Michele Signore, noto violinista e Responsabile Antelope Audio per il territorio Italiano, ci mostreranno come negli ultimi anni le esigenze e le sensibilità dei tecnici del suono e dei musicisti sia cambiato, puntando sempre più ad una qualità superiore e di come la tecnologia dei monitor e dei convertitori A/D abbia seguito e soddisfatto queste sempre più pressanti richieste.


Ing. Anssi Hyvonen (progettista e CEO Amphion audio)
M° Michele Signore (rappresentante per l’Italia diAntelope Audio)

Fausto Demetrio (Avid Certified Instructor di Percorsi Audio)



  • 1. Challenges of modern listening environment
    • Fragmented
    • Hi-fi, lo-fi, no-fi
    • Low res playback formats MP3 / Streaming
  • 2. Translation
    • What it is
    • What contributes to it
    • How can you achieve / improve yours
  • 3. Modern sound making environment
    • Increasingly tightening deadlines
    • From specialist to jack of all trades
    • Bass intensive: “Bass is the pepper of modern music”
    • New areas – example of modern sound making: Gaming -> translation demands, often composer delivers a ready made end product
  • 4. Existing studio standards. Do they still work? NS-10
    • Close to end of life
    • Availability of spare parts
    • Gives no info on bass
    • Search for a next generation tool is on
  • 5. Requirements for a modern monitor
    • Measurements vs listening?
    • What is a “flat” monitor?
    • Free of time consuming mental correction curves / short learning curve
    • “A monitor is a like pair of pair of shoes”
    • “You can never evaluate a monitor without a room it is in”
    • “In my current room as well as my next”
    • “The real value of a monitor is not in how it sounds, but in what you can make with it”
    • WYHIWYG: “What you hear is what you get”
  • 6. Future trends: Sound making in teams
    • Music making has not standards – how to achieve them in such highly subjective field
    • Digital maturation – where is the bottle neck now?
    • Working with the same file for the first time in history
    • “Screen calibration”
    • WYHIWYG: “What you hear is what you get”


Orario e Luogo:

Ore 10:00

Aula Convegni del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica

Via del Politecnico 1