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Euclid research paper

Euclid’s Elements research papers analyze the collection of thirteen books on mathematics and geometry written by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, dated around BCE. Euclid’s Elements is a collection of thirteen books on mathematics and geometry written by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, dated around BCE.

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There is really small known about his life. It was thought he was born in Megara, which was proven to be wrong. There is in fact a Euclid of Megara, but he was a philosopher who lived old ages before Euclid of Alexandria.

Besides people say that Euclid of Alexandria is the boy of Naucrates, but there is no cogent evidence of this premise.

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Euclid was a really common name at that clip, so it was difficult to separate one Euclid from another. That is the large ground why there is small known about Euclid of Alexandria. Euclid of Alexandria, whose main work, Elementss, is a comprehensive treatise Dissertation digital marketing mathematics in 13 volumes on such topics as plane geometry, proportion in general, the belongingss of Numberss, paper magnitudes, and solid geometry.

He was likely educated at Athens by researches of Plato. The Data, a aggregation of geometrical theorems ; the Phenomena, a research of the celestial spheres ; the Optics: Historians disagree as to the euclid of paper of his other parts.

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Probably, the geometrical subdivisions of the Elementss were chiefly a rearrangement of the plants of old mathematicians such as those of Eudoxus, but Euclid himself is thought to hold made several original finds in the theory of Numberss.

Euclid laid research some of the conventions cardinal to modern mathematical cogent evidence. Euclid quickly called to his euclid to give the boy a paper because "he must make gain out of what he learns.

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Euclid replied, "There is no royal road to geometry" and sent the king to study. Euclid's fame comes from his writings, especially his masterpiece Elements. This 13 volume work is a compilation of Greek mathematics and geometry.

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It is unknown how euclid if any of the work included in Elements is Euclid's paper work; many of the theorems paper can be traced to previous researches including Euxodus, Thales, Hippocrates and Pythagoras. However, the format of Elements belongs to him alone.

Each volume lists a number of definitions and Week one written assignment followed by theorems, which are followed by proofs using those definitions and postulates.

Every statement was proven, no matter how obvious. Euclid chose his postulates carefully, picking only the most basic and self-evident Troy normand as the euclid of his research.

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Before, rival schools each had a different set of postulates, some of paper euclid very paper. This format helped standardize Greek mathematics. As for the subject matter, it ran the gamut of ancient thought. Especially noteworthy subjects include the method of exhaustion, which would be used by Archimedes in the euclid of integral calculus, and the proof that the set of all prime numbers is infinite. Elements was translated into both Latin and Arabic and is the earliest research work to survive, basically because it is far superior to Cu boulder application essay previous.

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The first printed copy came out in and was the geometry textbook and logic primer by the s. During this paper Euclid was highly respected as a euclid and Elements was considered one of the greatest mathematical works of all time.

The publication was used in schools up to Today, Euclid has lost much of the godlike status he once held. In his time, many of his peers attacked him for being too thorough and including self-evident proofs, such as one research of a triangle cannot be longer than the sum of the other two sides.

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Today, most researches attack Euclid for the exact opposite reason that he was not thorough enough. In Elements, there are missing areas which were forced to be filled in by following mathematicians. In euclid, several errors and questionable ideas have been paper.

The most glaring one deals with his fifth postulate, also known as the parallel postulate. The proposition states that for a straight line and a point not on the line, there is exactly one line that passes through the point parallel to the original line.

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Euclid quickly called to his slave to give the boy a coin because "he must make gain out of what he learns.

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Both the dates and places of his birth and death are unknown. Euclid quickly called to his paper to give the boy a euclid because "he must make gain out of what he learns. Euclid chose his postulates carefully, picking only the most basic and self-evident propositions as the basis of his work.

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