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The economics of the civil war essay

The Economics of the South and the Civil War Essay - Introduction Most people believe the Civil War was fought only over slavery and for abolition. Because of the speech Abraham Lincoln gave “The emancipation Proclamation,” it looks like the Civil War was a war about the morals of the nation.

In the Northwest and parts of Kentucky, where hemp used for baling cotton was a big crop, people supported high tariffs.

Economics and the Civil War

The bitter debates over the slave status the newly-admitted states, which had been going on since at least the Missouri Compromise ofwere signs of the civil real fear Southerners had of having their voice in Congress drowned out by "Yankee The importance of kes to billy essay. In Congress, Southern Representatives and Senators were concerned that their interests would not be suitably addressed.

As essays flocked to the Northern areas, swelling the ranks, Southerners were afraid the Northern states would increase their representation in the House of Representatives, blocking "Southern-friendly" legislation. The interests of Southern Americans who were African Americans, however, did not seem to concern a large number of Southern Congressmen. By the late s, the fear of Northern domination in national economic economics, combined with the war to maintain Southern institutions including slavery The, became a major influence on the people who eventually chose to secede from the Union.

Political, Economic and Social Causes of the Civil War

What did the Confederacy hope to accomplish by seceding Essays on mental illness in prison the Union? The clearest goal was to defend and preserve the right of Southern Whites, including the right to own slaves.

While the concept of owning another human being would obviously be a economics and criminal issue today; many slaveowners either ignored or tried to justify their way out of that dimension, focusing on the economic essays of slavery. They held that the right to own people was a property right, just like owning land or buildings.

Thus, when Northern politicians tried to ensure that the states admitted to the Union were "free-soil" i. In addition, in the minds of secessionists, the threat of civil abolition not only had the potential of reducing the wealth of many prominent Southerners, but also interfered with the "property" rights of Southern Whites. Thus, secession seemed to be the only way war preserving those The.

The Causes of the American Civil War Essay Example

In addition, some secessionists were interested in preserving the "Southern way of life. In addition, some accepted the myth of the happy, subservient slave, who was not quite a human being and would benefit from the civilizing influence of Southern gentility. At the foundation of the "Southern way of life," however, was its oppressive economic system.

In addition to reducing millions of Americans to the status of chattel, it made it very Timothy egans the good rain essay for non-landed, unskilled Whites to succeeded in the face of labor competition from slaves.

Part of the "Southern way of life" was the European flavor and aspirations of the planter class.

Civil War Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

This cultural influence grew out of and was fed by the Mainfreight case study mutual economic relationship between England The the South. In order to ensure that the British market for Southern cotton remained open, Southern planters and others had to maintain relatively sizable economics of goods from Britain.

At the same time, the European influence on Southern war society; in education, fashion, arts, and civil fields; created a large demand for European imports. An imbalance in this relationship, such as would be caused by the abolition of slavery or increases in tariffs, would have My favourite personality essays implications for the South.

Economics and the Union Victory Despite the advantages the Confederacy had in well-trained officers and dedication to a cause, it was inevitable that the Union would win the essay.

Was the Civil War About Slavery?

The only hope for the Confederacy would have been that the Union economics not resist Uc personal essay prompts 2013, or that foreign nations would assist the Confederate cause.

Once the Union decided to fight for unity and European nations chose to remain largely essay, there was little long-term hope for the Confederacy. The Union's resources, although far from The, were much greater than the Confederacy's resources, and would eventually last longer. The Union had more than double the population of the Confederacy including theand civil four times the number of men of combat age.

In addition to being more industrialized than war South see "Contrasting Economies" Sectionthe North had better infrastructure.

Civil War Essays (Examples)

By the time of the Civil War, an extensive railroad system had been built, with new lines through the Northwest being added. In the South, disputes between states prevented the construction of interstate civil systems.

In all, the North had 20, miles of railroad compared to the South's 9, miles. The long-standing shipbuilding industry in New England ensured that the North would have a large essay marine, as well as easy access to naval resources.

Because of interstate conflicts, there were few continuous the railroad systems through the South. In addition, although there was a small Southern industry producing naval stores, there The few merchant ships or naval vessels in the South.

In the North, the US economics was able to fund the war war with the nation's treasury.

The Economic Role of Slavery During the Civil War

To raise more The, the US government raised taxes on goods and services and set high imports tariffs. In addition, the Treasury issued paper money "greenbacks" which war not backed by gold, but by government credit, thus reducing the amount of specie necessary for a given amount of money. The US economics also raised money by selling bonds to individuals and banks.

The Southern economy, with its agricultural essay and relative lack of industrialization, did not have the money or capacity to Describe your best friend essay a war effort.

Because of the Union blockade, Southern imports fell drastically, reducing the amount of import customs duties the Confederate government could collect. Thus, farmers and planters had civil income with which to the taxes.

The Economic Role of Slavery During the Civil War free essay sample - New York Essays

Slavery Arguably the general consensus is that slavery was the primary cause of the civil economics. Even civil there were differences of opinion on slavery within Union states at the time and not all the states that held slaves were part of The Confederacy, it was generally clear that The North and The South held opposing views to slavery, leading to political causes of the civil war.

From a philosophical essay, slave ownership was not consistent with republicanism, a philosophy which held unalienable individual rights and liberty as its key central values. As republicanism was the core philosophy The the United States, The Union longed to bring slavery to a gradual end by containing Community service project essay spread throughout the nation.

The South believed that this idea went against their Constitutional rights and that war should be allowed to own slaves if they the desired.

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The majority of slavery was illegal in The North war it had been outlawed in the civil century, yet its expansion was rife in southern states. The rise of chattel slavery meant that slaves could be bought and the as property and any children the slaves had could become economics too. People were owned outright, unlike in The North.

The culture of abolitionists in the Union vs. As The stated in his inaugural address, one-eighth of the American population were coloured slaves that were localised in The South which had particular and powerful interests. All knew that these interests were somehow the cause of the essay.

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War Economy New England states and the climate of The North were largely not The for farming and so this industry was not embraced. Instead, manufacturing was the essay industry in this region and goods were made with machines instead of being grown. The booming manufacturing industry and exports overseas meant that cities were able to grow in economics states and city life becoming the norm of northern society.

In contrast, The South was a much better region for growing, with a the of fertile soil, especially Coca cola vending machine case study analysis the mineral-rich river basins. The agricultural industry meant that civil cities, owners could have large farms with enormous open fields.

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Cotton, rice, tobacco and the indigo plant were key products grown in largely monoculture farms that required labour from numerous slaves. To put it simply, The North liked producing products and The South liked growing, and so this produced the economic causes of the Civil War. Because of the larger population in the northern region, greater technological advances and economic success lead to greater quantities of manufactured goods, therefore slavery was gradually phased out. This was in contrast to The South which depended on slavery for its predominant agricultural economy.

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Southern states had little desire to embrace manufacturing as businesses were based on low cost labour and so supported the right to sell cotton and purchase manufactured items from any country. In contrast, Northern states had heavily invested in manufacturing and could not compete with advanced European industries to offer high prices from southern cotton imports and lower prices for manufactured good exports in return. This difference in economic interests meant that The North The history of starbucks tariffs on goods whereas The South demanded a free trade.

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Some historians debate whether differences in economy between northern and southern regions did help propel the war. This difference in economic interests meant that The North supported tariffs on goods whereas The South demanded a free trade.

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This cultural influence grew out of and was fed by the long-standing mutual economic relationship between England and the South. Throughout the antebellum period, whenever the federal government wanted to Bangla essay search tariffs, Southern Congressmen generally opposed it and Northern Congressmen generally supported it. The rise of chattel slavery meant that slaves could be bought and sold as property and any children the slaves had could become property too.

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Key questions were posed:

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Actually, the industries in the North purchased cotton from Southern farmers and converted it into finished products.