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College essays on lifeguarding

3 Lessons I've Learned from Being a Lifeguard By Emily Luong While summer vacations are filled to the brim with concerts, beach getaways, relaxing pool days and exotic travels, for most teenagers – especially those who are headed to college in the fall – summer jobs are right up there on the list.

Lifeguarding: College Admission Essay Sample

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How To Brainstorm College Essays For Top Schools (+ my ideas!)

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20:43 Kakazahn:
Being in the break room while this happens means an all-out sprint with a 60 pound medical backpack across the lagoon. The patrons have packed up and vacated their once bustling picnic areas. The challenging task to continue my commitment to athletics and further my intellectual pursuits is whisked away with the brisk breeze, while I scan intently, chewing on essay seeds, armed with a rescue tube and paddleboard, awaiting the menacing moment that colleges a sprint into the lifeguarding water.

18:22 Vudal:
I work here as a lifeguard at the Spring Lake Lagoon.