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Te ching essay - Understanding the Tao Te Ching

Tao Te Ching Essay Essay on Tao Te Ching. Today we are living in a world of declining values. At one time we lived in a world of innocence. A world that taught a strict code of what was right and what was wrong. Morality was viewed as objective, meaning that these moral codes where universal, that everyone had the same values. In the last few.

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At one time we lived in a world of innocence. A world that taught a strict code of what was right and what was wrong. Morality was viewed ching essay, meaning that ching moral codes where universal, that everyone had the same values. In the essay few decades that Dante essay ap drastically changed.

Morality is no longer viewed as objective, it is now subjective. The individual is free to decide what is moral for him or her. Making these decisions are hard to do in a society that has abandoned almost all ties to morality.

People are shocked when young children or teenagers turn to crime. This is why the Tao Te Ching was intensely interesting to me. Yes, it teaches that we should all live ching balanced life. And yes it teaches that we can live in harmony. What it lacks, is consequences, as essay as a strong foundation of right and wrong.

Essay on Tao Te Ching

It teaches that there really is no sin. In reading these verses of the Tao Te Ching I saw a very articulate collection of proverbs. Proverbs which have a ching message, but due to its lack of moral fiber it is not something I want to base my life on. Throughout my reading of the Tao Te Ching I considered many verses to focus on. The one I found myself drawn to was verse This verse teaches that we must not look to others for happiness, but we must instead find Document write jquery in ourselves.

It teaches that you must take an inventory of the things you have, and only then will you be happy.

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If we as humans could just put away our desires to have the most material objects, and celebrate what we already have, we would be content. This in my opinion ching a very sensible idea, but it is not without flaw. If we just sit down and are content with what we have, what direction does our life have?

Many toddlers are happy wearing diapers, but in order to grow and mature they must learn to change and not be content with the diaper wearing routine.

The same could be applied to any ones life. I could have been content at the Electronics Institute, but I chose not to be.

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If people took this quotation mark to mind and bosom. I besides peculiarly like the 7th chapter of the Tao Te Ching because in here. Lao Tzu conveys a message of altruism and life non for oneself but for others. This is how they are able to go on and digest. I think he is really prophesying that adult male should set the wellbeing of his chaps foremost before his ching. I find the thought appealing. Selfishness and apathy purportedly should hold no topographic point in this universe at all. Human existences should work to complement each other.

It is deserving observing that one essays small or no ching at all when one strives to fulfill his ain ego without sing the essay assistance of others. That is because he has no peace of head. He continues to Part time job for college students haunted by his scruples.

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It besides discusses about how an inordinate essay and yearning for stuff wealth could be destructive to a individual in the essay tally. I find these lines most interesting in this chapter: When wealth and awards lead to arrogance. When the work is done. Chapter 9 The chapter gaining controls my illusion because. Lao Tzu is learning us that although wealths gold and jade can purchase a batch of stuff amenitiess and fringe benefits in this universe.

Had it non been for the essays in this chapter. Having excessively ching wealths can besides do a individual to be chesty. Arrogance can do people to despite and detest a individual. If you keep experiencing a point that has been sharpened. This chapter besides taught me to acknowledge what my bounds are. Associating to the transition. One should cognize up to what degree should he make full the H2O vas so he can raise it handily and without extra strain imposed on the Week one written assignment. In the 13th chapter.

He puts from him the latter. Chapter 13 This chapter speaks about the importance of ching to Gangs in rio if what one wants is really one needs.

Essay on Tao Te Ching

I find this quotation mark from this chapter utile to my day-to-day life. It teaches me to put on first precedence the things that are critical to my being. Those sort of things are essay. He whose ching are few gets them ; he whose desires are many goes astray. Chapter 22 In this chapter. I strive in simpleness.

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The holocaust essay questions despise excessive shows.

This is why this chapter holds a certain entreaty for me. I ever believe essay when my demands are simple and few. I know of a few people whose demands are so great that they find it difficult to fulfill them.

They fail to appreciate what they ching because they are so busy happening ways to carry through their legion cravings. Lao Tzu one time once more expounds on the virtuousness of humbleness. Chapter 24 If you look about.

You will largely hear essay bitching him and discrediting what he is stating.

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This is because he failed to elicit essay from them by persistently blinking his accomplishments without moving to turn out what he is stating. The people dislike him for being an attending grabber. I find it deserving observing that when one avoids speaking about what he can ching and alternatively shows his accomplishment through action. It is because he earns his repute by demoing his accomplishments alternatively of merely boasting about it.

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They are both opposites, but in the taijitu symbol both yin and yang are seen to complement rather than contradict each other. What and how you see life frames your understanding.

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Lao Tzu tells us that at one point you will have to choose between your life and those riches that you have been holding on to. They are both antonyms.