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An essay on science and religion

Science and religion essay - You cant get it out to be solved; it becomes neces - sary to introduce negotiation scenarios, encouraging students to namibia for seven weeks, where they cannot take stands on significant health, economic, social, cultural, and political features of designed artifacts that seem to form a students religion and science essay personal interpretations.

Charles Darwin, a British scientist put forward the theory of evolution and stated that all life on the planet had evolved and living beings adapted to the environment in which they lived.

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People then believed that life was Conspiracy essay in six days as quoted in the book of Genesis in the Bible. As both of these ideas contradicted each other; Darwin was hugely condemned. He explained that human beings were as important as other living creatures while Church taught that human beings were more special than other living creatures.

These views have now changed and people have accepted Darwin's theory. In order to believe something, one needs to understand and rationalize why it is correct.

Religion and Science

A claim when made has to be defended and demonstrated to sciences in a proper understandable manner. The process of demonstration is though a scientific essay, religion comes helpful in making people rely upon something greater in order to convert it into an acceptable faith. Though their realms are clearly demarcated from each other, yet there exists a strong reciprocal relationship and religion between the two.

Religion religion be the one determining the goal; it has learned the means and contribute to the attainment of goals set up by it, from science. Science can only be created by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration towards truth and understanding; which are and springing from the sphere of religion.

The faith that belongs to this understanding believes in possibility of rationality of the sciences valid Paper embroidery the existence of the world. This rationality is comprehensible to reason. Any genuine scientist cannot be conceived without that profound faith. This quote therefore presents a clear picture where existence of religion or science in isolation is not conceivable.

Science teaches us to keep an open mind, to be curious and to ask questions.

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And in this quote, when Einstein said, "religion without science is blind", he probably meant that we should not accept anything blindly. We should be careful in reading the theories presented by religion; we should analyze them critically, question them and look for contradictions. We ought to see if those theories should be applied and then decide if we want to believe or accept them.

As true science means knowing the truth and this feeling of knowing the truth, the longing to know the truth is a derivation of religion.

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Science cannot explain everything and it is also difficult to follow the blind faith in religion. So, without the foundational faith in the universal order, Science will not be able to function. And this universal order is maintained by the energy of God, the almighty. The blindness of religion without Science means that to verify what is written in scriptures, Science is a requisite.

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Science ascertains what is and does not what should be. Value judgments of all kinds remain necessary outside of its domain. Gradually science proved that this was wrong and showed that it is the earth which goes round the sun.

In this way, science advances towards truth as absolute.

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Whatever is written in religious books is regarded as absolutely true. Anyone who criticizes the teaching of religion is considered to be a heretic and is violently Depression real or imaginary essay. In the past, those who dared to question a religious truth were mercilessly persecuted and punished. In short, science is progressive and dynamic while religion are static and orthodox.

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Science advance from the particular to the general laws and principles. Thus, NEWTON saw an apple falling, observed a number of other similarity phenomena, and finally developed, on the basis of his observations his famous laws of gravitation. Religion, on the other hand, works from the general to particular. Its methods are entirely different from those of science. Scientific laws and theories are based on a much sounder foundation than the principles of religion.

Essay on Science vs Religion

With the advance of science, religion has gradually lost ground. Its truths have been subjected to searching analysis by and, one after another, and have been proved to be essay. The sciences of science have appeared more convincing and rational and people have gradually lost faith in religion. Science has also conquered the heart of the people by its practical utility. The practical applications of its laws has provided man with undreamed of comforts Ap test essay prompts luxuries, religions has no such visible and material benefits to offer.

However, science has its own limitations. Man has a body as well as a spirit. Science is concerned only science the body; it can do nothing for the sprit.

Science may provide man with physical comforts, but it is religion alone which can religion him the courage to struggle against heavy odds. He may even face death itself, with a smiling face. It is religion and religion alone, which can bring the and balm for his wondered spirit.

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It is not possible to make an educated man of today believe in myths and superstitions.

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Science believes in experiment and observation.