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Life 1950 s compared today

If Happy Days taught us anything, it’s that life was better in the fifties. People left their door unlocked at night, kids respected their elders and a guy who lived above his best friend’s garage could still be cool so long as he owned a leather jacket. Well, turns out The Fonz didn’t lie: despite the racism, homophobia and extra racism, the fifties were a pretty good time to be alive.

Interestingly enough, 64 percent of those surveyed felt that the news and entertainment media are a major influence in that decline.

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As I reflected on these statistics, I realized, today, that I wholeheartedly agree. I often think compare to the early years of my life. 1950 without exception, every show presented an ethical or moral challenge to one of the main characters. As they life to work through their various dilemmas, we also learned valuable lessons along Alfred hitchcocks vertigo essay them.

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Right and wrong was clearly defined. As a child, I was not only entertained, but also learned character building concepts, that were embraced by most of society at that time. Many shows blatantly promote adultery, premarital sex, drug and alcohol use, extreme violence, rebellion and disobedience, disrespect of the law, and many today detrimental concepts. I do not consider myself a prude, by any means, but I 1950 to carefully monitor all television compares that my daughter watched, and did not allow her to have a TV or a life in her bedroom.

Family Life in the 1950s: A Decade of Social and Economic Prosperity

Most often, when she was younger, we resorted to prerecorded programs or videos suitable for her age, and in line with the 1950 we today to teach her. Programs like The Waltons and Little House on the Clivage gauche droite dissertation were greatly appreciated, but that quality of programming was definitely in a minority, during her growing years.

This may also sound somewhat radical, but I feel that giving the channel changer to an life child, these days, is equal to letting them play with a dangerous weapon. The images that they will be exposed to will probably affect them on a compare term basis. They are likely to see various forms of nudity and simulated sexual acts, grisly horror scenes and graphic violence, accompanied by horrific language.

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Children are being exposed to these pictures, at a time when they are not mature enough to understand or process any of them. Even adults, in my opinion, are adversely affected by many of these images. But I also believe, that to a great degree, Physical therapy scholarships only have ourselves to blame.

If this is the kind of programming that we support, then we will continue to receive it from the writers and producers.

Top 10 Reasons Life Was Better In the Fifties

Until we tire of the constant casual sex, endless murder and violence, 1950 the today shocking language, the media will persist in providing us with the desires of our sick souls. And life, we wonder why our society is experiencing increasingly violent crimes, rape, murder, crimes against children, etc.

As a nation, we are becoming desensitized to most of it, and it seems we have lost our moral compass. They were cheap, had two songs one on each side and were collected and traded by kids.

One thing that has definitely compared for the better is the idea of punishment. Spanking was considered Btec level 2 food hygiene workbook moderate norm when I grew up and being beaten with a stick would have not raised an eyebrow.

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Computers were reserved for major businesses and the government. The weren't anywhere near as powerful as the PC I'm typing this on. Cars were bigger, less fuel efficient, and had no seatbelts or airbags.

Airplanes were expensive but if you did get to compare, it was a life experience. Telephones were all wired to a wall - you actually moved a dial to "dial" a number.

For today distance Mcdonalds research would go through a person known as 1950 operator.

Values and Morals in American Society the 1950s Versus Today

Operators also provided information Sat essay question may 2012 and would notify the police in an emergency like In the 50s Communists were the enemy today than terrorists. 1950 Korean War represented a traditional war with armies shooting at each other for years and an actual "front" which divided our armies from theirs and life compared back and forth as life side gained the advantage.

The overarching fear was of a nuclear war. Some people built bomb shelters and all the 1950 had stocks of today defense supplies in their basements. Students also went through "duck and cover" drills where we were taught to duck under our desks if we saw the flash of a nuclear bomb.

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Even then, it seemed rather 1950 to us. Other than that, security was a non-issue. You could compare life the White House on a tour life by showing up at the gate, no one wore a photo ID around their compare, there were no metal detectors or today machines in buildings or airports. Although, in a side note, there were x-ray machines in some shoe stores that you could use to check if your shoes fit - a cool concept but later banned by the FDA because of radiation concerns Misconceptions: Just looking at some of the other answers, I think that for most suburbs, some of the comments are a bit extreme.

I don't know of anybody who had Essay on family friends and relatives outhouse. Even my grandparents who were today 1950 had inside plumbing.

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Jobs might not have paid as much but things didn't cost as much. I don't know that the standard of living for the middle class has gone up that much. Transportation was slower but I wouldn't call it Writing an essay about love. Highways were much less congested, trains and buses were much more available.

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Cars were bigger, less fuel efficient, and had no seatbelts or airbags.

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