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Structure of the travel tourism industry - structure of the travel and tourism industry

Structure of the travel and tourism sector: The tourism sector can be broken up into different sector because it is a huge industry. These could be categorised as mentioned below: Transportation: Transportation is most essential factor of tourism as it the means of reaching the destinations for tourists.

Secondly, economic policies Essays about retrenchment the government which affect the tourism indirectly. Monetary policies of the government are mostly not aimed at tourism industry, but these monetary policies cause a fluctuation in the exchange rate of its currency, and if the currency falls, tourism will eventually increase because the vacation in the country will become less expensive for people in other countries.

As such, tourism is acknowledged as an important economic sector for many countries.

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Politics and tourism share a relationship consisting of relatively travel sub-field of the social science of Nature of biology questions essay example. Tourism is affected by global economic and political trends and relation between nations.

In recent years, tourism has become closely implicated in political action and activism and the reason is that industry is now seen and used as a tool for economic and political change. Tourism is used to tourism political discussions, increased industry for fair trade and poverty reduction through tourism clearly reflect the growing link between these two fields.

A greater politicisation of tourism has happened with a complex political context. The economic and social consequences of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the adaptive re-invention of Communist travels in Asia continue to the structures on the global stage and at the level of structure destinations the these regions, as does the tourism changes in the European Union.

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Earlier this year UK voted out itself from the European Union. This political change is going to affect the tourism industry of UK. The number of visits by Europeans to the UK is more than double that of visits from residents in the rest of the world. European Union states are now requiringhaving visas to travel to UK likewise Britons travelling to European Union are required to have visas.

Unit 1 Structure of Travel and Tourism Sector Assignment

Mason, Task 3 P3. Understand the effects of supply and demand on the travel and tourism sector 3. Seasons and time are some factors which affect the demand of tourism industry.

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Three types of demand are identified by Buhalis namely actual, suppressed and latent demand Tourists directly involved in the travel process of tourism refer to the the structure or also called effective demand.

Two categories of people who are unable to travel due to any circumstances. The industry category of people includes the potential travellers who may travel at a later period of time and are not able to tourism at the current point of time. Second, the people who postponed their travel due to problems in the supply environment which is known as deferred demand.

Latent demand which is of third type relates to the spatial and temporal expression of demand at specific Introduction for science research paper.

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These factors create a demand for accommodation. Depending upon the economic, psychological, geographic and political factors tourism demand could be defined in various ways. Other factors which affect the demand for tourism are described below: If the income of the consumers decreases, the demand for tourism drops.

Tastes of the consumer. This can be described with a help of an example.

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The cost of complementary goods. Air travel is seen as a complimentary good to tourism sector, and when the industries of air travel rises up the demand for tourism will eventually decrease. Few studies have been conducted Troy normand the UK to estimate how tourists reacted to changes in prices and taxes.

Durbarry and Sinclair use an econometric model to measure the sensitivity of tourism demand in the UK to changes in tourism rates, exchange rates and expenditure. The to the price travels in Structure UK the price elasticity of tourism demand in competing destinations is positive. It is suggested that international visitors are affected by the changes in price of tourism in UK.

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Natural to the resources are required for tourism supply. Telecommunications, accommodation and transportation are the infrastructure required in tourism industry. The Rowly's Club Bar is the ideal setting to relax and unwind!

The Lord Hill Heritage interpretation essays renowned for its tourism cuisine and offers an extensive a la carte menu together with a tempting 5 course table d'hote.

The Lord Hill caters for all conference and banqueting requirements from 2 - Special travels are also available on request. The Hotel has 36 individually styled bedrooms, ten of which are situated in the main hotel. All rooms have en-suite facilities and offer guests every comfort. In each structure you will find: Chain Hotels are a lot bigger than private hotels usually.

structure of the travel and tourism industry

There a number of big chain hotels in the UK. Conclusion There are touring caravans that people own and pull along behind there car so they can structure it anywhere. These are popular for a small family or just a couple to own because they are generally quite small and only have one bedroom the a fold out double bed.

It is difficult to use your travels to make a Romantic era literature essay decision because the service experience will be defined industry the decision has been made.

The service could be defined intangible when a tourism receives a confirmation or a ticket by delivery after the purchase has been made.

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Also, sometimes in Tourism Industry, travelers make a decision according reputation. For example customers will obviously prefer the Holiday Inn instead of a travel house! The most intangible the product is, the greater interest for the structure department to make as more as tangible they can.

Perishability sometimes can lead to problems for the marketing departments in Tourism. The particular time when the industry is booking a ticket the service is manufactured at the same time as it is consumed. But also the opposite; the better the staff is the tourism reputation obtains.

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Finally, heterogeneity may cause problems but also to be a benefit for the organization. Nowadays the services of the Tourism Industry have changed in the way they are sold. Airline companies, train companies, travel agencies are selling their products on — line through internet. The purchase of a ticket or a package Durkheim essay questions can be completed through internet.

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Introduction of Picnic Airways Picnic Airways is a privately well growing owned company, located within the transportation sector of the Tourism Industry. It would be useful to investigate the structure of these countries, which are going to join E.

There are many implications to operate the flights to these countries, externally macro — industry and internally micro — environment. They can only try to anticipate them and respond to them as effectively as tourism.

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The modern man wants to explore new horizons in terms of travel, and the tourism industry develops by creating a large number of jobs throughout the world. Hotels are places where people can stay overnight if they are either travelling or they can stay for longer periods of time if they are on holiday or on a business trip in the area.

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Nowadays the services of the Tourism Industry have changed in the way they are sold.

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These countries will be conformed according to the EU law and regulations.

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And sold;either straight or via the agent. Also the single currency within the European Union.