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AP US History DBQ - - New England and Virginia Author: Tom Richey Created Date: 9/18/ PM.

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Dbq, if not all, of these colonies were mainly settled by religious motivation. They did not want to be told by what means they could or could not worship, that was the reason they left England in the first place. Now in this new world they were being given the history rules. They wanted to control their cities by the rules of God that they believed.

They wanted to elect their own faithful minister to make the laws and divide up their real estate Doc D. His essay was the very first name on the list, therefore his name was the most prominent name on the 1993, and he was a minister Doc B.

This shows that the New England colonist truly respected members of the clergy.

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The Chesapeake colonies were settled for very different reasons. Some wanted to trust the Brits while others looked to France for guidance. The French had saved us and the British were the ones that imprisoned us. This affair split politics into the Republicans, French supporters, and the Federalists, British supporters.

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What made things even worse was the British impressments of American sailors. Was this an act of war? The Republicans thought so while the Federalists did not. This made an even bigger controversy in Congress and is why politics were shaped.

1993 Ap Us History Dbq Essay

The scandalous XYZ treaty left many Americans in shock. The French had asked for bribes in return for support and peace. There was a great schism beginning to form; Republicans on one side and Federalists on the other.

These early controversies really helped shape American politics. By doing this, they made room for more work which would in turn help the settlement prosper economically.

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There were also many plantations in the Chesapeake colonies. These plantations grew tobacco which inclined many workers to uphold the demand. This helped to draw in many English workers, as well as African Slaves, which ended up helping the economic growth of the colony overall.

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Lastly, both settlements were colonized by two different types of people, with extremely different motives. The Chesapeake colonies, such as Virginia and Maryland, were colonized by single men looking for the potential development of economic growth, and the ability to make a profit.

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Whereas the New England Colonies, such as Rhode Island, were colonized by family men looking for a place where their family could be free from religious oppression.

Virginia was colonized by John Smith, a single man who saw the opportunity to make some money and did everything in his power to keep the colony alive in order to do so. Maryland was colonized by Lord Baltimore, another single man who granted real estate to his friends which paved the way for economic growth.

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Virginia was colonized by John Smith, a single man who saw the opportunity to make some money and did everything in his power to keep the colony alive in order to do so.

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Thus taking in consideration the different aspects of beliefs, which has had caused these societies to develop differently. Although the New England colonies and the Chesapeake colonies were both settled by Englishmen, they split for very different, but equally legitimate reasons.