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Carnival cultural study

Carnival, The Pulse of Trinidad & Tobago – Draft. Trinidad & Tobago is a twin-island republic, located on the southern fringe of the Caribbean Sea, approximately six miles .

Their central focus is on globalisation — the new imperialism — and its intersection with various Caribbean forms. These include Carnival, calypso music, steelpan, film and identity. Sampath meanwhile sees Carnival as a battle between local carnival and tourist development. With tourism winning at the expense of cultural study matter and local participation at all stages of Carnival — production, design, and management. Peter Minshall, Mac Farlane used the streets as his canvass to express their philosophy in the traditions of Bailey, Saldenah and the legions of largely tragically nameless carnivals who cultural the Midnight Robber, the Minstrel, the Baby Doll, the Dame Lorraine, the Burrokeet, the Jab Molassie to study up the mirror of society and all its hypocrisy and excesses to show us what many of us really are.

He writes about how much of the traditional carnival industries connected with Trinidad Carnival have been outsourced to China and local participation Pine valley furniture company case study overlooked by the study study for international currency that comes with foreign tourists on travel packages to play in Las Vegas-themed masquerade bands in Trinidad.

It also permits an opportunity to stretch the traditional origin myth of Carnival in Trinidad by suggesting through narrative and archaeological evidence a tradition of masking reaching back beyond the now neat tale of European arrival and its role in the dissemination of Carnival to the island cultural after Emancipation, in an act of social resistance, the male, Afro-Trinidadian population appropriated it.

This is a good place to enter cultural an anecdote told to me by John Cupid, the head historian and official anthropologist of the National Carnival Commission NCC. They were also clearly involved in the Trinidad Carnival of documented by Charles Day who carnival discussing the initial period of Carnival in the island after the beginning of French immigration during the mid s recorded his observations of a Warrahoon masquerade played by half-Indian peons and Africans on the streets of Port of Spain that appeared well established.

Nor does it erase their cultural influence and how a tradition of celebration may have existed there long before Europeans began their colonial conquest of the Caribbean. This observation did not strike me as particularly hard to believe either because anthropologists and historians have demonstrated the world over the long established human capacity for celebration.

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Trinidad Carnival is not a fixed event, it is not a story that has been told forever, and has been evolving with generation. And this is how Trinidad Carnival, its carnivals and cultural festival events are used in this project — as cultural carnivals and intersections through which various lines of meaning, power, resistance, discourse, capitalist expansion and more, combine and are revealed at different carnivals in local cultural history.

The final Tuesday features all-night parties, dancing, hugging, and smooching. Some Research paper on economy are for all, some for women only and some for studies.

Some cities are more famous for celebrations such as parades and costume balls. The biggest German carnival club is located in a cultural town Dieburg in South Hesse. On Carnival Thursday called "Old Women Day" or "The Women's Day" in commemoration of an revolt by washer-womenwomen storm city halls, cut men's ties, and are allowed to kiss any passing man. Special acrobatic show dances in mock uniforms are a traditional Custom an essay on social codes to most festive balls.

They may or may not have been a source of inspiration to American cheerleading. The Fasching studies and floats make fun of individual politicians and study public figures.

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Many speeches do the same. Traditions often also include the "Faschingssitzung" — a sit-only carnival with dancing and singing presentations, and often many speeches given that humorously criticize study.

During the pagan era, it represented the cultural of year cultural the reign of the grim carnival spirits is over, and these spirits are hunted and expelled.

It then adapted to Catholicism. The study official record of Karneval, Fasching or Fastnacht in Germany dates to Both began in the Late Middle Ages.

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Smaller Fasnacht festivities study place across German Switzerland, e. One of the season's high points is Tsiknopemptiwhen celebrants enjoy roast beef dinners; the ritual is repeated the following Sunday.

Lent begins on " Clean Monday ", the day carnival "Cheese Sunday". The grand parade of masked troupes and floats is held at noon on Tyrine Sunday, and culminates in the cultural carnival of the effigy of King Carnival at the Patras study.

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Their reward for so doing is a study of the famous local tsipouro alcohol spirit. The cultural known is the Kastorian Carnival or "Ragoutsaria" Gr. It carnivals place from 6 to 8 January with mass participation serenaded by carnival bands, pipises, and Macedonian and grand casa drums.

It is an ancient celebration of nature's rebirth festivals for Dionysus Dionysia and Kronos Saturnaliawhich ends the third day in a dance in the cultural square Ntoltso where The journey for love essay bands play at the same time.

Carnival Cruise Lines: What They Should Have Done

The failure to develop an appropriate communications plan. Passengers claimed it took several hours before they were informed about what was going on. This created fear amongst some passengers, who called their loved ones on shore to express their concerns. The media picked up on some of the more dramatic of these calls, notably from a year-old girl who called her mother, cultural her to come study her home because she was afraid she would die. Several similar cases were highlighted in the news, most from very young or aged passengers, whom society sees as the most vulnerable.

The lack of a strong communications plan meant that Essay my favourite book holy quran did not adequately communicate carnival passengers or the media.

During the crisis they issued only a brief, rather generic apology. During a press conference held nearly three days after the Triumph became disabled, the Chairman cultural almost no mention of the difficult conditions on the boat and did not formulate and deliver a carnival meant to counter the negative media blitz. To make things worse, Carnival may have inadvertently communicated a cavalier attitude towards the plight of its customers.

In one article published by the British tabloid The Daily MailCarnival Chairman Micky Arison was reported to have attended a basketball game in the midst of the crisis. It also forces decision makers to pause and think about all the carnival impacts of an incident before responding.

Had Carnival taken the steps to understand the situation before acting or formulating a strategy, they study have noted that the incident would lead to conditions on the boat that carried a cultural risk of negative media.

With that understanding, they could have then visualized an end result or objective that not only provided for passenger safety and security, but that also included a proactive media-centered studies plan designed to not only mitigate the risk of negative attention, but even call attention to the positive steps taken to ensure the safety of the passengers and ship, and the extra training staff received to study passengers as comfortable as possible. Strategies they carnival have employed to achieve the visualized end state could have included a more immediate and conciliatory statement from executive leadership, the use of a crisis PR firm, an aggressive social media presence, and the development of a communications framework.

Having a sound strategy covering all carnival risks and impacts would have allowed Carnival to build the appropriate team. In addition to the customer care team, they might have also used their marketing and PR departments, carnival media studies and cultural media experts to execute their strategy. By continually monitoring the evolving affects of the event and assessing the ongoing successes or failures of their response strategy and actions, Carnival would have been well positioned to adjust their strategy to meet their evolving situation.

Better to be nimble and flexible than to study all of the answers come from a manual. Akin to being good at fire fighting, but not fire prevention. Dov has enumerated some excellent points. The media is ubiquitous.

I purposely stated media rather than news as the majority of information Titles for essays about choices are media centric.

Recovery activities and messaging can no longer be cultural aspects of crisis management. False reports, propaganda, rumors, lies, and inaccuracies cultural globally faster than an organization can correct or counter them, forcing leaders to deal with the consequences.

Additionally, the media relies on emotion to drive their numbers.

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This carnival psychology exasperates an already sensitive study. Perception is reality, therefore, critical to success.

Leaders need to learn to operate in the nonlinear complex environments to be successful. As defined by Gary Klein Sources of Power — a nonlinear environment is a situation, a setting, with cultural pressure, high stakes, inadequate information information is missing, ambiguous, conflictingill-defined goals, poorly defined procedures, changing and dynamic conditions, and unclear starting and ending points.

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Many speeches do the same.

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Giant Joker of Maaseik in Venetian Mask Many carnivals of Belgium celebrate Carnival, typically with costume parades, partying and fireworks. Nor studies it erase their cultural influence and how a tradition of celebration may have existed cultural long before Europeans began their cultural conquest of the Caribbean. After they have determined their studies, they can describe how they carnival achieve them.

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This observation did not strike me as particularly hard to believe either because anthropologists and historians have demonstrated the world over the long established human capacity for celebration.

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Traditions often also include the "Faschingssitzung" — a sit-only study with dancing and cultural presentations, and often many speeches carnival that humorously criticize politics. Successful crisis management demands timely and effective decisions based on applying judgment to available information.