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Development of tension in several stories essay -

How does the writers create tension and suspense in the two stories that you have studied? In my coursework I am going to be looking at how the writers create tension and suspense in the two stories. The two stories that I have studied are The Red Room by H.G Wells and The Tell- .

Essay on Tension: Meaning, Causes and Effects

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17:29 Arakasa:
The release of these hormones in the blood, make the liver to release more glucose source of energy and constrict capillaries in the skin which make it look pale and the blood of the skin gets diverted to the muscle and the internal organs.

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When an individual is able to maintain steady internal state as a stress response, it is known as neustress. These effects are more damaging and stay for longer period. The causes of the tension can broadly be explained under the following three headings:

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There is need to maintain balance of mind. Stress varies on a continuum from Eustress or Neustress and finally to Distress. Tension imposes demand on the body for its proper adaptation.

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Essay on the Effects of Tension: If stress response is favourable and results in improvement in physical and mental functioning, it is called eustress. There is need to develop a balanced state of mind to convert the stress responses into beneficial effects.