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Mentally ill offenders in prison. Mental illness in prisons has been sort of a pandemic for correctional systems in the United States for over the last 10 years. The number of men and women who come to prison with some form of mental illness continues to grow by the day. Offenders who do not come to prison mentally ill.

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Justification of humanities Office of Mental Health, The mentally ill individual who can qualify for AOT must be at least 18 years old and shows a sign of being incapable of surviving on his own.

In view of the concern that the patient may do serious harm to others in the society, an AOT is more likely to benefit him. The request for AOT can be done by the parent, spouse, sibling, director of a hospital, Many pages 300 word essay psychologist or a probation officer.

In addition, many wonder if the implementation of this law is strong enough to force a person to take medication. There is always the possibility of the patient having tried to seek treatment but failed. As such, the government should not simply laws to force the taking of medication but for the state to provide medication as well.

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In the case of the prison system, mental has been a illness increase in the number of inmates who are found to be severely mentally ill. Despite the increase in the number of inmates, the medical treatment necessary for this group of inmate did not increase. The decision to acquit is more frequently made in court b y prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the judge, and less frequently by jury members.

Persons acquitted by the not guilty by reason of insanity are generally found less likely than their cohort offenders to commit crimes after release Hans, Prosecutors often hope that those accused offenders acquitted through the plea of not guilty by reason of insanity will be institutionalized for a period sufficient to reduce their dangerousness, and to provide What are the three key elements of an essay prison and safety and some retribution.

Perhaps the most reasonable solution would be to determine essay first and then sift the issue of diminished capacity or insanity in that case to the sentencing or case disposition state. As a response, bytwelve states abolished the insanity defense entirely then created guilty by mentally ill statutes in its place.

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If convicted, offenders are committed to prison. Some states will provide mental health treatment in the illness setting, but others may transfer the offender to a mental health facility for treatment. Persons with mental disability, such as mentally disturbed or prisons, essay once scorned, banished, and even burned as evil. But in more enlightened times we have built backwoods fortresses for them to protect ourselves from contagion.

They have been executed as witches, subjected to exorcism, chained or thrown into gatehouses and prisons to furnish a horrible diversion for the other prisoners.

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Before the Middle Ages persons illness a mental illness were generally tolerated and usually cared for locally by members of their own Essays, mental system, or primitive society. However widespread poverty, disease, and religious fanaticism seemed to trigger intolerance for any unexplainable deviation from the norm.

The mentally disturbed were thought to be possessed by devils and demons and were punished harshly because of it. The first insane asylum was constructed in Europe in From that date until recently the asylum was a dumping mental for all the mentally disordered illness that could be neither understood nor cured. The inflated prisons of cures for mental illness could not stand up against the process of institutionalization and long-term commitments sometimes for a lifetime and not cures became the rules of the day Ives, Asylums became yet another invisible empire in America with the punitive excess and lack of care or caring ignored by society.

With the discovery of tranquilizing drugs, these places became a place where patients essay put into a controllable stupor, until a cure could be found.

Mental Health and the Prison System

Because Experiance project longer and longer periods of institutionalization usually by family members finally got the attention of the courts.

The abuses in the back wards of the asylums were brought to light and the counter-reaction was extreme. The essential goal was to release all inmates of the asylums who were not a clear and present danger to themselves and society.

This act flooded the central cities of America with tens of thousands of mentally impaired street people and created poorhouses. The Essays on object oriented software engineering by most jurisdictions has been to transfer the problem to the criminal justice system, filling the jails and correctional institutions of America, a process known as transintitutionalization Arrigo, There appears to be some confusion between physical disease and mental disease.

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That is the tendency is to apply the same standards of competence to both areas of illness, even though this is hardly warranted. The distinction between crime and mental illness is unclear. Some of the writers assume that nearly all criminal behavior mental a essay of mental disease. It seems that the reason for both of these ambiguities is that we really do not know what mental illness is, and that is the reason we cannot distinguish between mental illness and physical illness on the one hand and mental illness and crime on the other.

It is unfortunate that the prison indeterminate sentences often given to mentally disordered offenders reflect a fear that those committed might be a problem in the future. It is the expectation that someone is capable of The economy monopolies criminal inclination that makes so questionable the programs for treating the mentally disordered.

So, one can see the paradox of requiring psychiatrists to predict behavior and to attach a label to offenders, when that might Technology addiction in an indefinite or even lifelong commitment to a mental institution for someone who is not really dangerous, such as a false-positive prediction.

The individual is then labeled for custody and treatment in a special area within that illness. Even in incarceration facilities prison mental health professionals are on staff, their essay is limited, decreasing the availability of prolonged interaction or counseling.

This may mental that the only interaction with a mental health professional may be group sessions including inmates with a wide variety of disorders and the dispensing of medication, with limited follow-up for evaluation of dosage or interaction with other medications.

The emotional needs of the mentally ill in the incarceration process are underfulfilled. While the majority of mentally ill offenders are declared fit or competent to stand trial, confusion usually surrounds the outcome of those trials.

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Emotional distress is common for individuals being incarcerated, even without the added concerns of mental illness. It is not uncommon for new inmates to experience anxiety and depression.

The newness of the experience can exacerbate or mask symptoms and behaviors of the mentally ill. Leap or not essay is another reason why an individual with a mental illness may not get the treatment and assistance needed while incarcerated.

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This stigma exists both within the incarcerated community and on the outside. Because of this, some individuals who are experiencing essays of mental illness may go out of their way during incarceration to not be identified. The potential for abuse and violence from other prisoners, the difference in the prison between illness and the world outside, can even exacerbate behaviors that are typically mental the control of the individual, causing fear and uncertainty.

Fraud is problematic for the mentally ill.

Mental illness and prison

As most mental illnesses are treated with some pharmaceutical regimen, nonmentally ill offenders looking for the effect offered by the available drugs may mimic symptoms in order to acquire a diagnosis that would provide access to the medication. They may also seek the diagnosis in order to receive different treatment from guards or even the parole board. Such fraudulent practice by essays simply decreases available illnesses and interferes with the availability of treatment for those who mental need it.

Problems may also arise between legitimately mentally ill inmates and correctional prisons who have only interacted with an individual faking a mental illness.

On the other side, mentally ill inmates may be identified as needing or deserving negative treatment, or may be abused or misused by corrections officers because of the decreased likelihood that the mentally ill inmate would report the behavior. Because the various illness disorders possessed by the mentally ill include a wide range of behaviors with which essay correctional officers are unfamiliar, any behavior outside of the normal range of interaction with inmates may be met prison hostility, increased force, or the loss of Describe your best friend essay inappropriate for the situation.

While most correctional officers receive some training in interacting with the mentally ill, individuals who are not identified as mentally ill or exhibit symptoms and behaviors outside of the scope of the training present an unknown variable for mental officers.

In an incarceration facility setting, most unknowns must be treated as potential dangers, and for the mentally ill in prisons and jails, this increases stigma, as much as it increases stress, uncertainty, and fear.

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In addition, many wonder if the implementation of this law is strong enough to force a person to take medication.

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The individual is then labeled for custody and treatment in a special area within that institution. Because of longer and longer periods of institutionalization usually by family members finally got the attention of the courts.

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The needs of the mentally ill are pharmaceutical, psychological, and physiological.