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Why study media

Why Study the Media? Thoughts from John Culkin. An early media education pioneer makes a case for teaching about media in schools. By John Culkin. A medium is not simply an envelope that carries any letter. Each communications medium employs its own code and thus influences the content of the message communicated. Content never exists alone; it.

20 Important Reasons to Study the Media

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But more deeply, advertisements themselves shape people's views of the world. Conclusion "The alleged power or influence of mass media has lead to extensive studies of media effect in areas ranging from political campaigns to portrayals of violence, pornography, racism and women.

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Remember, these all were just common example. Extracts from this document

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Advertisers influence what types of stories are presented. Governments and political parties have focused on the mass media as sources of powerful influence.

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Media can be influencing tool because it is powerful.

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Powerful groups, especially governments and large corporations, shape Why news in a media of ways, such as by providing selected information, offering access to stories in exchange for favorable coverage, study disinformation, and threatening reprisals. Extracts from this document Why is it important to study the media, rather then simply consume it?