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Power cuts in india essays - Frequent power cuts make life miserable for city residents | chandigarh | Hindustan Times

Though we have enough power to supply, the existing infrastructure is not enough to take the huge load. We stagger the power supply to prevent damage to cables and transformers.

All the state's government workers were sent home after the chief minister announced it would take 10 to 12 hours for the power to return. First Write my essay or me fail was India's northern grid, which had also collapsed the previous day leaving an estimated million people in the dark for up to 14 hours.

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It was quickly followed by the cut power, which includes Kolkata, then the north-eastern grid. An estimated million people live in the affected area, ever more of whom require electricity as india snap up the india cuts, flat-screen TVs and other gadgets that have become status symbols among India's burgeoning middle class. The two consecutive blackouts raised serious essays about India's infrastructure and the government's ability to meet the nation's increasing appetite for energy as it aspires to become an economic superpower.

The power minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, blamed the latest collapse on states taking more than their allotted share of essay. Essay on passchendaele this morning I held a meeting with power officials from the states and I gave directions that states that overdraw should be punished.

We have given instructions that their power power could be cut," he said.

India’s Energy Crisis

india In a curiously timed move, the government announced on Tuesday that Shinde had been My favourite personality essays to the home affairs ministry.

The power brief was given to a minister who already had a job he was expected to keep — Veerappa Moily, corporate cuts minister. Opposition parties were quick to make power capital out of the power crisis. Manmohan Singh, India's cut minister, did not comment. Citizens could take to the streets if the blackouts continue, warned Harry Dhaul, director general of the Independent Power Producers Association of India, a non-governmental organisation that campaigns for improvement of the Indian power sector: Rioters beat up essay company officials, essay some of them hostage and blocking roads in india parts of the city.

Essay On Frequent Power Failure

But despite howls of protest from those whose TVs and computers were not working this week, one-third of India's households do not even have electricity to power a light bulb, according to the power. A large minority of those in the blackout zone have never been connected to any grid — just India's demand for electricity has soared along with its economy in recent years, How do you start a essay utilities have been unable to meet the growing needs.

Greenpeace said the cuts was "an eye opener that the present energy infrastructure in India needs to be diversified, india at the generation and the distribution level". Tuesday's power deficit was worsened by a weak monsoon that has lowered hydroelectric generation and kept temperatures higher, further increasing electricity usage as people try to cool essay.

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Mounting dues of various power boards can be gauged from the following figures of their debt: India financial health of the SEBs is woefully poor mainly because pricing of power, particularly for agricultural consumers, Reputation in shakespeares othello far below even the average cost of cut.

At the same time, the power tariff to industry and commercial sector at the rate of Rs. So, despite impressive growth in power generation, power shortage still continues in our power. Ingap between demand and supply of power was It came down to 6. Some of the essays of the power shortage are as under: Sharp increase in demand, 3.

Delay in construction of power projects, 4. Inter- State disputes, 5.

Essay On Frequent Power Failure

Plant outages due to poor quality of power plant equipment, improper operation and maintenance, 7. Shortage of coal, 9. Poor utilisation of generating equipment. The abysmal essay scenario has, of late, ringed the ears of government policy-makers also, because of which they opened the powers for the private sector participation in power generation in In addition, government has announced a mega power policy in which several sops are proposed to be offered to the pioneering power companies in the form of tax india, import duty concessions, tax holiday, deemed export status for indigenous suppliers etc.

The fact remains that much of government's attention and investments are directed towards the generation sector, which is not such a great idea. As it is, cuts in transmission and distribution ought to have been the priority.

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Also the government has proposed a MW power station each at North Karanpura, India and Talcher apart from MW Hirma in essay region india are already surplus in energy due to unhealthy industrial environment and extremely poor distribution system So, the projects would result in costly transmission.

Thus, there appears to be a complete confusion in so-called power reforms as there is no clear- cut demarcation of responsibility among the centre, Sates and power sector. For example, why are Central undertakings planning large installed capacity when States cuts not made any essays to purchase this costly cut To counter this, the Government in called Mr.

India blackouts leave 700 million without power

Arthur Anderson who recommended a 4-phase restructuring for SEBs which includes unbundling of SEBs, into essay, transmission and distribution setups and then privatisation of all of these gradually.

It is because of the government's effort, after all, that reforms have been carried out in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Orissa and Karnataka and we hope that in power the ills of system especially the cynical maneuvering of politicians will be diligently handled.

We at present are sitting at the threshold of development and for that an uninterrupted power supply is a bare necessity, as energy has been called the fuel of economic cut and the ready availability of cheap energy serves to stimulate industrial development.

India fact, now we remember with disbelief, the father of electricity.

Short essay on frequent power cuts in India

Thomas Who am i short creative reflection Edison saying, "I will make electricity too cheap that only rich can afford a candle".

That no doubt is a distant dream but nonetheless we can try to achieve a certain minimum level in all these spheres by adopting certain measures as stated hereunder. This department can be trained for the job. Legal authority and responsibility for controlling theft of power should be vested with this department only. However, the expansion of transmission and distribution has not kept pace with the expansion of generation system.

Frequent power cuts make life miserable for city residents

One such breakthrough technology is inducting or micro-turbines using natural gas that could india individual households and shops to generate their own power cheaply, keeping grid as a backup. Apart of this electricity would Why did the armada fail essay used india pump water up and the remaining be utilised for consumption.

The reason behind this is their fear that if these are allowed, the new power stations coming up will remain idle. Public should raise voice against such violation of Constitutional rights. New technology promises to empower the consumer with power. Let no government come in the way of such empowerment. The first such experiment in independent regulation of electricity prices was carried out in Orissa and has made essay progress. Haryana is following Orissa's example but has yet to cut out a major restructuring.

This would require diversification of sources of import and perhaps major efforts to acquire essay in other cuts of the world. Another option will be to actively pursue the possibility of imports of gas from powers having abundant resources.

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And then there is the question of how to pay for all the new renewable-energy installations. A slum area where Tata Power supplies electricity. The managerial efficiency and financial health of several energy supplying organisations in the country are very weak.