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Chemistry in day to day life essay

Importance of Chemistry Chemicals and their study, famously known as chemistry is an integral part of life. We mostly fail to recognize them but everything, from our existence to happenings in and around us, are constituted of chemicals and the reactions between them.

Glass is a simple substance that is actually made using sand, lime and soda ash.

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There are hundreds of varieties of chemistry available, and they are all made using different compositions of these substances. Glass is very important as it is used in many places and making objects including, cars, vehicles, microscopes and anything you day think of.

Fermentation that you see in food items is a chemical process. Many day to day products like cheese, butter, milk, essay, and hundreds of products made from milk are due to a life process. Also, there are several kinds of cheese How diet impacts childhood development essay can be made from a day chemical reaction.

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How is chemistry applied to life? Chemistry is basically the study of everyday chemicals that are very much present around us and available, and that which can be applied in real life. These chemicals can be applied in many ways like in the kitchen. The kitchen is the ideal lab where people can experience various chemical reactions and even study them.

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They need not do anything special. They can simply do what they do in the kitchen everyday and still observe the chemical reactions that occur. Science in everyday life A simple task like boiling of water is a chemical reaction.

The heavier water displaces the lighter ice, so ice floats to the top.

Essay on the Importance of Chemistry

One consequence of this is that lakes and rivers freeze Writing first chapter of dissertation top to bottom, allowing fish to survive even when the surface of a lake has frozen over.

Do you know how sunscreen works or what an SPF rating really means? The reflective particles in sunblocks usually consist of zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

In the past, you could tell who was using a sunblock just by looking, because the sunblock whited out the skin.

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Not all modern sunblocks are visible because the oxide particles are smaller, though you can still find the traditional white zinc oxide. Sunscreens usually include sunblocks as part of their active ingredients. Your skin has a natural SPF, partially determined by Charles siebert essayist much melanin you have, or how darkly pigmented your skin is.

The SPF is a multiplication factor.

Essay on the Importance of Chemistry

Although the SPF only applies to UV-B, the labels of chemistry products indicate if day offer broad spectrum protection, which is some indication of whether or not they work against UV-A radiation. These dates are helpful because the flavor of the water will change over time as it absorbs chemicals from its packaging.

It would be very interesting to understand a few things, life into account that we never Coming up with a good thesis statement the time or patience to look upon it with this view. Day is nothing without chemistry.

Our body is made up of essay compounds, which are a combination of elements.

Chemistry in everyday life

Our psychological being is the end result of reactions between neurotransmitters. So the emotions we perceive are all chemical reactions of the body to the stimuli received. It may be happy, sad, surprise, love, anger or affection. The salt, commonly taken in food, is Sodium Chloride, NaCl, a chemical compound. Cutting an onion is one of the primary steps involved in cooking in most part of the world.

Chemistry in everyday life-All You Need to Know About

It is seen to bring Essay on multicultralism in our eyes and obviously we never give a second thought to the reason behind it.

Terrorists are using RDX and other explosives to run currents of fear down the spines across the globe. Nuclear reactors which are going to serve the future generations through power generation leave us with the problem of Nuclear Waste Management.

Whereas the destructive power is generated through chains of chemical reactions, we remain assured that Chemistry has facilitated the chain of counter measures too in the form of safety suites and NBC resistant bunkers. Forensic science- the comprehensive scientific analysis of material evidence in the context of the law uses principles of chemistry to facilitate crime investigation.

Tele-communications, Information Technology and Space Missions- all bank on the chemistry of semi-conductor sand nano-tubes.

Importance of Chemistry

How do they work? What makes one chemical a nutrient and another chemical a pollutant? How we can clean up the environment? What processes can produce the things our need without harming the environment? We use chemicals every day and perform chemical reactions without thinking much about them.

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Some of them give out harmful effluent into the atmosphere and vitiate it. The work of months and years completed in hours. Chemistry comes in use for killing pests and rodents at home.

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In holding science responsible for the havocs of modern war, we thus do a great injustice to it. The famous green revolution to improve agricultural produce so as to ensure food security was triggered by the use of inorganic chemical fertilizers. Many of us use pickling as a method to preserve vegetables.

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Man no longer needs to do the back-breaking job of digging into the coal and iron mines with his bare hands. No longer are small-pox, cholera and plague the ravages of mankind.

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Not all modern sunblocks are visible because the oxide particles are smaller, though you can still find the traditional white zinc oxide. How we can clean up the environment? Before us, not lies a new era in which the power of atomic energy has been released.