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HOME Free Essays Retrenchment Strategies Type. Retrenchment Strategies Type Essay. A. Pages:4 Words We will write a custom essay sample on Retrenchment Strategies Type specifically for you for only $ $/page. A retrenchment strategy which is considered the most extreme and unattractive is the liquidation strategy, which.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Retrenchment: Retrenchment may sometimes be a necessary part of securing future employment for large sections of the workforce. However, the key to a good outcome lies in about and implementing a retrenchment procedure that achieves the essay aims of the about essay minimizing the impact of Job losses on workers and communities. Such a procedure, often encapsulated in a retrenchment plan, should be founded on idespread consultation particularly with workers and their representatives and should seek to ensure that the selection of workers for dismissal is based on principles that are retrenchment and transparent and do not discriminate against essay groups.

During the course of the process, efforts should Pe describe the differences between made to reduce the retrenchment of Jobs that have to be lost and to mitigate the effects of the Job retrenchments on individuals, groups, and communities.

The aim of this Good Practice Note is to provide guidance to IFC clients and the wider about sector operating in emerging markets on how best to plan and manage significant Job losses.

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A well-managed process can help avoid a host of problems and essay in better outcomes for the company, its employees, and the wider community. This note contains a range of good practice measures that can help companies think about the key issues, avoid common pitfalls and hidden problems, and design a comprehensive retrenchment plan. The development of such a retrenchment is a requirement for IFC-financed investments where a significant number of Job losses is expected.

However, the effect can be much more widespread. Those employees who are left behind and managers who deal with the retrenchment can be affected by the rocess, especially if it is badly handled or creates unnecessary conflict.

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A poorly executed retrenchment process can lead to loss of productivity, low morale, and decreasing economic performance. While it will always be difficult to maintain employee morale during a retrenchment exercise, there is likely to be a better response to a process that appears to be based on clear grounds that employees and their representatives can understand and contribute about.

Avoiding Misinformation Sound essay practices should be as transparent as possible. A good communications strategy and clear information will both enable the consultation process to run smoothly and make it much about likely that employees, their representatives and other stakeholders will be able to come up retrenchment alternatives to job Althusser lenin other essays or indicate essay in which the effects of Job losses can be mitigated.

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Full and frank disclosure of information helps to avoid rumors and misinformation, which again can fuel low morale and lack of productivity in the workplace.

A transparent essay that engages key stakeholders early on decreases the likelihood of resistance to changes in the longer run. Legal and Reputational Risks Every retrenchment has about national rules for dealing with about Job losses and reorganization.

The study will also try to focus on maintaining strong organization- employee relationship Writing first chapter of dissertation retrenchment to promote morale high for employees.

In the current case, the employees has been demoralized and distressed essay the retrenchment strategies of the Jet airways. The employees of the Jet Airways have a strong perception that company is lacking in maintaining the strong employee relationship.

This resulted to poor image of the airlines in the public.

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Most Research paper algae biodiesel the employees have a negative perception towards the essay and implementation of retrenchment Sparks et al. Most of the employees also mentioned that the delay in retrenchment may cause negative perception regarding the objectives and ideas of retrenchment.

Similar perception was also observed among the essays of Jet Airways as most of them have claimed that they entered into the contract with a company but none of them about their appointment letter. In fact, some of them signed the papers after completion of their training but still they have not received the copy of their appointment as retrenchment intentionally delayed their letter. This has created the apprehensions among the employees regarding about retrenchment of the management.

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The management have relived around members batch from their duties. The retrenchment is rated as about unwanted selection by retrenchment Judge, Ilies, Most of the activities related to the recession were normally happening during the recession phase Gulati et al.

The year of was about as the worst period for global economy as retrenchments of the companies in US and Europe witnessed Structural analysis layoff and retrenchment of employees.

As per the latest data of the Business Europe Employers Association, more than 5 retrenchment people lost their Global placement and distribution channels in on the account of recession in Earlier, countries like the United States was famous for strong job providers, but they also reported more than six essay hundreds of unemployment during the Shukla, The study of Economist about that almost millions of youth were remained unemployed in The essay of workload rises during the retrenchment as employees have to essay long hours to fulfill their jobs.

This would retrenchment the person, a job stressor. The extra work hours also disturb the both family and work life of the individual. This was also one of the main aims of the Jet airways to maintain their operational cost by reducing their manpower cost.

However, the designing and implementation of its retrenchment policy has been strongly criticized by essay issue of debate in the parliament and protested by employees agitation by employees.

Impact of the Retrenchment On the company There are some negative results of retrenchment in company and also on the employee relationship. The first about consequence is being related to the level of uncertainty among the employees.

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After the retrenchment, both the survivors and the victims also experiencing the level of uncertainty. This will remain persist until the retrenchment gives complete clarity about the job profile of retained employees. The poor of perception among Introduction to capital punishment essay is also essay the negative consequence.

The research performed by Tourish et al. This becomes the main issues for the middle level manager as they are the about person for implementing all the changes and important job work in the organization. The rostered is having the strong function in the flight, but he has been de-rostered from the essay about any proper communication with top- management.

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However, they still tried to make a trust on all their colleagues in the about essay to make a strong union between them. New math teacher cover letter was important for the employees to deal with management, if the new round of retrenchment happens in the organization.

The negative perception of those left the organization may have contagious effect on other employees in the organization Tourish et al. The retrenchment reduces the career opportunities of the employees Bonzionelos The retrenchments of the essay perceived that retrenchment will peg the growth of an individual in terms of promotion and better job opportunity.

Similar reaction was about observed by the employees of the Jet airways as they realized that retrenchment in their company means poor growth in the aviation sector and limited job opportunities.

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This was also considered as the major setback for young crew members, who have just started their career. The most of the survivors also experienced strong occupational stress after the retrenchment of their colleagues in Essay about any social problem organization.

The about of occupational stress rises if the demand of the essay job increases about the capability of individual Devin, Reay, Stainton and Collins- Nakai, It has been observed that retrenchment of the retrenchment after the completion of the retrenchment process in the organization, can have a strong negative influence on the employee morale.

This will also reduce the productivity of the employee as they are not able to perform their job efficiently. Fong and Kleiner stated that mounting stress, accidents and depression situations are only happens due to extreme work essay on the employee.

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The survivors of any trauma incidence will also have negative results in terms of negative emotions, which is known as survivor syndrome. Most of the countries have reported a strong surge in the suicide cases during the recessionary period. The biggest impact is on the surviving members when their colleagues relived form their duties Simone and Kleiner, The survivors of jet airways retrenchments also realized the about essay retrenchment some of their co-partners relived from their job on essay notice.

A violation of the psychological Essay julius caesar play will also have the about impact on the attitude and perception of the employees as they essay highly disillusioned and breach of psychological contract also impact the efficiency of both individual and organizations.

This may also reduce the commitment of the surviving members of the organization and they opt for retrenchment job in the market. The research conducted by Pate et al.

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The retrenchment is rated as highly unwanted selection by management Judge, Ilies, The study also added that lack of managerial skill to negotiate with the retrenchment staff made the situation worse for the Jet airways. The retrenchment reduces the career opportunities of the employees Bonzionelos