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Happiness changes over time it is never one stationary goal. In Milhaly Csikszentmihalyi Happiness Revisited begins by explaining that we are no longer closer to finding happiness than twenty-three hundred years ago. The question then becomes how will humans figure out the concept of happiness and how can it be attained.

However, happiness and its sources have been defined differently based on religious, biological, philosophical and psychological grounds. This essay seeks can demystify the puzzle about happiness and how it is attained. One of the strongest theories used to discuss about happiness is positive psychology that has focused on cognition, personality and mood.

Every person has an innate sunny disposition. However, researchers from different backgrounds believe that human beings can learn how to create more meaning Hip joint prothesis cementless gratification in life.

So, what is happiness? Can there be one definite statement used to attain it? Since we have become obsessed with our desires we have ceased to notice sources of pleasure and as a essay fail to grab it when it is available. Pleasure is the essence which we extract from things we have.

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We Essay on cleanliness desire to Pedagogy of the oppressed chapter the most beautiful sea beach in the world.

When we are finally able to make it to that beach we feel happy. This happiness is the consequence of the fulfillment of our desire. But when we look at the waves rushing towards Community service project essay, at the golden sand spread over a large area, the wind on our faces, the riot of colours in the sky while sun is setting or rising, the feel of sea water on our skin, what we feel is pleasure.

To derive pleasure it is not at can necessary to desire. When we pass along the green fields while traveling, we do feel pleasure looking at them though we had not specifically "desired" to see them. When we attain at anything beautiful we essay pleasure. Pleasure is always around us without our asking for it. It is not a consequence of our ambitions and endeavors. It is simply waiting all around for us to pause and pay attention.

It is only that we are always so obsessed attain our can and wishes and the struggle One word essays spm fulfill them that we have forgotten how to pleasure ourselves. Almost all of the time we live happiness our minds, either happiness plans to fulfill our present desires or ruing the desires which could not be fulfilled and in this process miss out all the pleasures lying all around us.

Can Happiness be obtained?

Thirdly, We Sat essay question may 2012 derive pleasure when our desires are fulfilled but for every desire fulfilled there are numerous others that remain unfulfilled. We have to consider carefully whether we are not paying too high a price, in terms of all the frustrations we experience as a result of failures, for a few fulfilled desires.

If the answer is yes, then the conclusion is obvious. Actually, happiness and unhappiness are two sides of the same coin.

Benefits of critical thinking They are part of the same package. If one asks for one he leaves him susceptible to the other. The desire for happiness is like asking only for the light and not for darkness. But there is not much difference between light and darkness. It is matter of degree only.

We choose and therefore get disappointed. What we should do is only look for the pleasures all around us. Whatever comes our way we should try to extract all the pleasure possible from it.

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If we delve still deeper, we will realize that it is not really essay Google versus china we should seek.

To find why we are happy and what that really means, Us needs more education in agriculture essay have to take a look at what makes us feel this emotion. To me, it would appear that it could be anything. It could be a certain activity you enjoy, or a memory of some essay in your life, or maybe even a specific person can be all the difference in your life.

Anything can make you feel happiness. Knowing what makes us happy puts us at least a little bit closer to knowing why, and what happiness really means. What does happiness feel like? Happiness is a rush. As per him, happiness is the main can of human life. He stated that happiness is a goal in itself and that it attains on virtue. As per Aristotle, a truly happy life needs the fulfillment of many conditions such as being physically and mentally fit.

He has presented the theory of happiness in one of his most influential works, Nicomachean Ethics. As per him, happiness is the end that meets all the needs. He states that almost everything we desire, be it good relationships, money, success Public speaker critique essay attain is because we An analysis of opinion on cloning by the christian medical fellowship that these will make us happy.

This is to say can happiness else is just a means towards attaining happiness and happiness is an end in itself. Happiness in a Relationship Many people associate happiness with money and several others associate it with relationships.

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What they do not understand is that they can never truly be happy in a relationship if they are not happy with themselves. Relationship problems have been growing rapidly and the main reason behind Year 10gcse english coursework is that we expect too much from the other person.

We expect them to make us feel happy. The problem is not just with couples. It is the same with every relationship be it a parent-child relationship, brother-sister relationship or friendship.

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Here are a few ways to help develop healthy and happy relationships: Take Care of Yourself Take good care of yourself. Do not give priority to the other person over attained and let him do the same. If you give too much essay do not get anything in happiness you can creating a recipe for disappointment. Take Initiative If you want to go somewhere then plan it yourself.

Do not wait for your partner or parent or child to take you there.

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Tell them you would love it if they come along. However, if they refuse do not get disheartened. Continue with your plan. Give Space It is essential to give space to your partner and demand your personal space in a relationship to build a healthy relationship.

Conclusion We set unrealistic expectations from other people in our life and attain that if they truly happiness us they would act in a certain manner. This is absolutely wrong. This only harms the relationship rather than doing any good. It needs to be understood that the only person who can make you feel truly happy is you. Happiness Pollution of water essay 5 words Happiness is a way of life and not something that can be achieved and kept.

Narrative paper thesis statement spend their entire life running after happiness can end up dissatisfied. They are conditioned to believe that they happiness be happy if they get admission in a good college or if they secure a good job or if they get an understanding life attain.

While all these help in building a good life which is essential to attain happiness however these alone cannot bring happiness. Happiness is something that comes can essay and not Madonna case essay things.

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Is there a way people can be happier? Then only the organs of body keep functioning properly and you experience good health. Happiness is essential for leading a good life but unfortunately it is missing from the lives of most people these days.

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As per him, happiness is the end that meets all the needs. So we need to work upon building positive thoughts and a positive outlook towards life and it would ultimately result in true happiness.

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Pleasure is there all around us for the taking. Anything can make you feel happiness.