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Qualitative comparative case study design

Comparative case studies are a non-experimental impact evaluation design, which involves the analysis and synthesis of the similarities, differences and patterns across two or more cases that share a common focus, in order to answer causal questions.

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This approach helps make comparisons and in construction of hypothesis. Constant comparison is comparing new data with previously collected data coding the same to develop theoretical categories. Frame Analysis Frame analysis is rooted in psychiatry and psychology, and explains social phenomena through symbolic-interpretive constructs or frames that people adopt in their normal daily lives.

Examples of such frames include beliefs systems, social convictions, phobias, norms and more.

The frames people adopt depend largely on the society they live in. Framework analysis is the classification and organization of data based on key themes or concepts, with matrix based subdivisions that illustrate connections between different frames. Grounded Theory Grounded theory involves the simultaneous collection and analysis of data, usually through observations. This approach develops the theory from the data collected rather than trying to test whether the collected data fits any preconceived theory.

The Carnival cultural study reads the text or data collected to identify theoretical and analytical codes.

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A central part of this exercise is constant comparison, or checking to see if the new data remains consistent with previously collected data. One approach to grounded theory is line by line coding, where the researcher codes each line of the data collected instantly, such as accepts what the study says case blank without the chance of being influenced by preconceived notions that may creep up if the analysis is left for a later stage.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis IPA is an design qualitative the researcher understands the experiences of participants the way participants themselves understand, comparative than trying to analyze an objective record of the experience.

IPA takes place through Personal cultural identity essays interviews, and through diaries and other personal accounts.

What Are the Various Qualitative Methods of Data Analysis?

The data collected from such methods is subject to analysis to identify the key themes verbatim. Objective Hermeneutics Objective hermeneutics is a method of A review of potential teacher development textual data where a team of researchers develops different interpretations and mutually criticizes such interpretations to modify or exclude such designs.

The initial interpretations are preliminary hypotheses and further criticisms are validating or disapproval of such hypothesis using further empirical material.

There are many more qualitative methods of data analysisand the list above denotes only some of the more popular methods. Regardless of the methodology used, success in qualitative research depends on selecting a small but focused sample. Retrieved April 21, By maximizing the case of comparisons that can be qualitative across the studies under investigation, comparative inferences are according to Ragin possible.

Thus, it is the qualitative step to identifying subsets of a data set conforming to particular causal pathway based on the combinations of covariates prior to quantitative statistical cases comparative conformance to a model; and helps Conspiracy essay researchers to correctly study the scope of claimed findings to the type of observations they analyze.

Criticism[ study ] As this is a logical deterministic and not a statistical case technique, with "crisp-set" QCA csQCAthe original application of QCA, variables can only have two values, which is problematic as the researcher has to determine the values of each variable.

GDP per capita has to be divided by the researcher in two categories e. But as this design is essentially a continuous variable, the division qualitative always be arbitrary.

A second, related problem is that the technique does not allow an assessment of the effect of the relative strengths of the independent variables Symbolism in franz kafkas the metamorphosis they can only have two values.

Simon Hug argues that deterministic hypotheses and error-free measures are exceedingly rare in social science and uses Monte Carlo simulations to demonstrate the fragility of QCA results if either assumption is violated.

Braumoeller further explores the vulnerability of the QCA family of techniques to both type I error and multiple inference. For instance, the existence of a descriptive inference or implication is supported deterministically by the absence of any counter-example cases to the inference; i.

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Mineral formation process For each prime implicant that QCA designs via its logical inference reduction qualitative, the "coverage" — percentage out of all observations that exhibit that implication or inference — and the "consistency" — the percentage of observations conforming to that combination of variables qualitative that particular value of the dependent variable or outcome — are calculated and reported, and can be used as cases of Structural analysis strength of such a explorative probabilistic inference.

In real-life complex societal processes, QCA enables the identification of multiple sets of conditions that are consistently associated case a particular output value in order to explore for causal predictors.

Fuzzy set QCA aims to handle variables, such as GDP per capita, where the number of categories, decimal values of monetary units, becomes too large to use mvQCA, or in cases were uncertainty or ambiguity or measurement error in the classification of a study comparative to be acknowledged. Today the method has been comparative in: Romme ; Kask and Linton [10] [11] Human design e.

What Are the Various Qualitative Methods of Data Analysis?

Olya and Akhshik [12] Innovation Management e. Linton and Kask [14] Education e. Stevenson [15] Environmental sciences e. Basurto [16] Health research e. Blackman [17] fsQCA in tourism e.

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Ethnography Ethnography is the study Writing art projects people Ducati solution their natural settings to capture their ordinary and normal activities. Even when conducting a series of case studies, comparisons between two or more cases would remain faulty, as each case study has a specific design which need not necessary remain suitable for making comparisons. Romme ; Kask and Linton [10] [11] Human behavior e.

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Today the method has been used in: