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Fashion and its interpretations in contemporary

The DeYoung Museum show brings together different religious interpretations and cultures of Islam. Ten years from now, we may look at “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” at the DeYoung Museum as a.

The Meaning of Contemporary in the Fashion Industry

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Koreans embrace latest hanbok fashions
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Like many segments of fashion, brands that are considered contemporary are defined by factors such as their price point and consumers. This doesn't, however, mean that contemporary brands are too terribly affordable for the average gal.

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Detail and fabric quality won't be as high as luxury lines, but expect pieces from contemporary brands to be fairly well made. Price Point In general, the contemporary price point is significantly lower than a luxury brand price point. Clothing Category Basics We're all familiar with luxury brands like Chanel, Prada and Fendi, which create highly coveted, finely crafted and very expensive pieces.

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You'll see flirty dresses, bright colors and prints, fitted pieces, crop tops, and styles that are considered trendy and fashion forward.