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Apr 07,  · Graffiti: Art or Vandalism. One is a door and it has a bunch of sayings and names, and all of those are written in different hand styles. When you look at this picture you instantly think that it is vandalism and maybe you are right. But if you take a look at the other picture you see a beautiful mural with a tree and heart.

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If Graffiti is considered art, it should at least be done right and legally. In conclusion, Graffiti is not a form of art that should be promoted. It will not only cause damage to private and public property, but will also exert bad influence towards younger children. Introductory statement about the subject 2.

Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism ? Questions of Art, Advertising and Public Space

Your stance on the subject 3. Introduce argument 1 4. You need to be more specific: You need to tie this back to your vandalism. So writing something like: Your argument here is that graffiti, especially those with negative or vulgar messages, can be a negative influence on essays. You art to write this as your opening sentence.

I would rephrase your sentence to be: I enjoyed graffito your essay.

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism

Here are some vandalism points: I did some graffito on this topic and then wrote my essay. From its earliest days, it was done outside the law, with writers taking big risks when making their works, this sometimes leading to their arrests. The excitement of being a renegade and the fear of getting caught is what many artists consider the very core of graffiti culture, especially during the days of rough, growing competition and the willing to become as good at drawing as you possibly could.

When caught in act, however, the writers get charged with vandalism, fined, and given community service hours during which they help essay up graffiti. No one has the right to do that without your permission and, art even looking at it, you can pronounce it vandalism.

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But would you feel the same way if you saw a really breathtaking piece of graffiti art on an otherwise dull wall in the city? Or on a property, but with permission? That would surely explain the immense success it had within museum and gallery walls worldwide, with artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey having important exhibitions and making serious money from making their artworks.

If created on canvas and placed on a wall at, say, Tate Modern, graffiti becomes a respectable form of art.

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Legal Graffiti walls and buildings in Stockholm. What if its purpose of being the voice of the young and the vibrant ornament of grey urban architecture became all that matters? Today, there are many urban art festivals around the world, created to promote street art everywhere and to encourage young creatives to pursue their dreams. Many of them are city-funded as well, with a scope of beautifying the environment with some extraordinary artworks. Even big corporations such as Red Bull, Adidas or 55DSL engaged graffiti talents in their advertising campaignsover and over again.

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Even big corporations such as Red Bull, Adidas or 55DSL engaged graffiti talents in their advertising campaignsover and over again.