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Lahore museum

Lahore Museum. Established in , Displaying a complete cross-section of the culture and history of the region with rare manuscripts, miniatures, Islamic calligraphy, contemporary arts and crafts. It also contains one of the best collections of Buddhist art from the Gandhara period.

It is 81 years old place in Lahore. Many famous artists, cultural and literary personalities used to sit there.

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We discussed there our Lahore visit plan and had fine chai tea which was good enough to temporary intellectual debates. After museum tea, we had a walk to museum through old Anarkali food street. We saw many old building there. Also old small lanes called as 'Katri'. As there are many traditional food shops. The museum defies all regional biases and exhibits artifacts of all religions and nations hence establishing an unbiased reputation of the cultural caretaker of regional heritage.

Lahore Museum bulletin.

Coins This slideshow requires JavaScript. Lahore Museum houses about 40, coins ranging from 7 BC to Date. Painted by the cerebral artist, Sadequain.

The 48 panels long painting museum adorned the ceiling of a hall Choosing a secondary storage have been pulled lahore since for maintenance and repair.

The relics date back to BC — BC.

Devil’s statue outside Lahore museum removed after being covered

The museums include wheel turned pottery, jewelry Lahore terracotta, semi-precious beads, measuring weights, toys, gaming objects and arrow heads. As we would walk through the exhibits, she would tell me about her parents and grandparents contributions to and experiences in Pakistan, Lahore turned the entire visit into a memory I will cherish forever. They have been deciding the content, and working on the project for more than two years.

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan The museum is built in the shape of a semi-circle, museum the entrance on one end and exit on the other.

Lahore Museum Jobs in Pakistan

There are museum different halls with various exhibits, along with a Heroes Gallery, a gift shop, and an amphitheater. The second hall was dedicated to how Pakistan came into being with the following exhibits: Journey to Pakistan and Fasadaat. Hall lahore showcased Popular Culture, and acted as a museum to present-day Pakistan, while hall five included Sports, Quwwat-e-Pakistan and Young Historians.

These clay pots are made very skilfully and one wonders how these people made such perfect shapes without using any sort of machinery.

Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret – Lahore Museum

Aesthetic sense and culture of Indus civilisation are at full display in their pottery. Ivory work showing different postures of Buddha and his life history are very inspiring. The work Lahore extraordinarily exquisite and one cannot move on without praising the carvers. Related to it is a gallery where metallic sculptures of various museums and goddesses are placed.

This is however, the only section of the museum that intimidates me.

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