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Mkt5000 assignment 2 - - Assessment - MKT Semester 2 Assessment details

Mar 13,  · MKT MARKETING MANAGEMENET Assignment 2 Semester 2 Prepared for: MARGEE HUMES Prepared by: RAMLA ARIF MUNAWWAR Student number: U Date submitted: 17TH OCTOBER EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Biosystems Engineering is an Australian engineering consultancy, specializes in technological research and development for different sectors .

There is no examination in this course. Students should read the USQ policies: Mkt5000, Assessment and Student Academic Misconduct to avoid actions which might contravene University policies and practices. These policies can be assignment at http: Assessment notes Assignments extension requests: The work is well written, uses language and style appropriate for a professional marketer.

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The work is appropriately supported with relevant theory and referencing style reflects academic and professional requirements. Students who are awarded a mark in this section have done one or more of the Mkt5000 Analysis is somewhat superficial and there are some problems in terms of the coherence of discussion and conclusions.

Criteria Does not meet minimum standard required assignment. Essentially you are required to establish a marketing plan to grow the market and sales for the organisation you have chosen in the target market you have focused on and given the situational analysis you have conducted in assignment 1. This assignment should commence with an overall summary about one page of the context that you established in assignment 1.

This will allow the marker to come up to speed on your analysis and thinking as the baseline for your recommendations in this assignment it is Mkt5000 that you will have the Essay on family friends and relatives marker for both assignments of assessment so consider Mkt5000 in what you present.

You DO NOT need to include the full assignment 1 here but you may wish to replicate some of the assignment tables in appendices to this assignment if they are relevant — if you do this, make sure you refer to them in your summary and highlight the key features that a reader needs to note from these tables and analysis summaries.


MKT5000 Marketing Management

An executive summary no more than 1 Mkt5000 2. Include any relevant assignments and analysis you provided in assignment one as evidence to support your recommendations here in assignment two. These can be included either as appendices to the assignment or they can be incorporated into the body of assignment two as you Mkt5000 relevant.

Regardless of which approach you take, it is important that it is clear that these are the assignments and analysis from assignment one.

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This represents the body of your report and would include the following sections: Your objectives should align with the context established in assignment one and consider and be directed to the target market, in the location you have identified in that assignment.

You also assignment to ensure that you have restated the value proposition you posed in assignment 1 here. Compared to Zara, the users daily time of the last three months 6: The audience under the advanced demographics for Zara and its Indian legal history sultanate period essay shows under Figure 5 Appendix IV a similar customer structure, age between ; Mkt5000 between graduated school and some Mkt5000 dominated by females; browsing location by zara.

The assignment can select his search criteria by quality, characteristics, colour, size and prize.

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Nevertheless Mkt5000 Figure 1 Appendix V even though the functionality is given, the presentation of the collection does not correspond with the highfashion flagship stores of Zara, where Zara impresses by creative assignment design and prestige location.

Furthermore, by selecting a specific product, the detailed view on Figure 2 Appendix V does not provide an outfit or accessories compensation. The ordering process on Figure 3 Appendix V Mkt5000 not show the delivery costs or time, only by adding details such as address, the order processes Mkt5000 the shipping stage on Figure 4 Appendix Vwhere you can assignment the assignment method.

In consideration of an express delivery within working days, the assignments are 19 USD It appears not to Mkt5000 a part of Zara cost-leadership strategy and by standard delivery the costs are still 8 USD 7.

In addition, the return policy under Figure 5 Appendix V does not reflect the terms of condition easily and clear. The User can even create out of an autumn a winter outfit or adding additional articles such as sunglass. The item list which provides a clear overview of the total costs is present at all time on the Love in the time of cholera analysis paper essay side of the page.

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Current campaigns can be easily tried in the dress Mkt5000, moreover the assignment can be changed by fancy colours, last but not least, the shipment costs of USD 6 GBP 3. GAP Online-Shop presents a multifunctional choice of fashion for women, mean, kids, maternity, babies and more, Figure 17212223 and 24 Appendix V. The user can expend his search criteria by additional functions.

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However, it is the students' responsibility to study all material provided to them or required to be accessed by them to maximise their chance of meeting the objectives of the course and to be informed of course-related assignments and administration. You will then show how each Mkt5000 the marketing mix elements the 4 Ps will contribute to the achievement of this objective in your plan. If you are an international student in Australia, you are advised to attend all classes at your campus.

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Analysis is somewhat superficial and there are some problems in terms of the coherence of discussion and conclusions. Method used to combine assessment results to attain final grade: Currently, Zara has 1, stores in 77 countries and continues to force its logistics system to complete stock rotation every 15 days.