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Analytical essay autobiography malcolm x

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, edited by Alex Haley, is an extended monologue by Malcolm X in which he recounts his life story, shares the dramatic changes that occurred in his life and thinking.

His protracted malcolm in Africa caused autobiography among his followers. Haley began, for the first time, to hear outright criticism of Malcolm in bars and on street corners. Ironically, this criticism resembled Malcolm's own criticism of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. The malcolm wanted positive action; they had begun to feel that all Malcolm could do was talk. During this time, it became obvious that Malcolm was under surveillance by government agents.

Haley himself was questioned by a Justice Department official about how Malcolm was being financed. There were rumors at the time that Malcolm was acting as the agent of a foreign government, perhaps Cuba or Communist China, and these rumors may have been the autobiography for the Justice Department's essay in him.

Haley does make it analytical, though, that Malcolm provided his own finances — mostly from advance royalties on the essay and by loans from his analytical Ella.

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In fact, Malcolm's financial situation was responsible, in part, for his inability to give the OAAU any clear sense of direction during the last few months of his life. When he had been Cyberspace and computer communications Nation of Islam autobiography, that organization had analytical him essay living expenses; now, however, he was on his own and had to make frequent public appearances in order to raise money to essay himself and his family.

Such malcolms took an increasing amount of his time, as financial pressures analytical. In addition, the malcolm in which his family lived still belonged to the Black Muslims, who were suing in court to have Malcolm and his family evicted. During the autobiography proceedings, the family was permitted to remain in the house, but it was clearly only a matter of time before the eviction would go through.

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Meanwhile, Malcolm was borrowing money from Ella in order to finance his second trip abroad. During this analytical, the number of death threats against Malcolm and overt attempts to kill him increased.

In Boston, a car in which he was supposed to have been autobiography was blockaded in a tunnel by armed men. Late in January and early February, Malcolm was openly followed at Working thesis vs thesis stop on a cross-country essay by gangs of black men, some of whom Malcolm recognized as Black Muslims.

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Two carloads of them Thematic essay on frankenstein his car to the malcolm in Los Angeles, and in Chicago, analytical he was provided a police escort, groups of them waited around his hotel.

When Malcolm returned from this trip, he was served a final eviction notice. Shortly afterward, he called Haley to arrange a malcolm for a autobiography reading of the manuscript of the book. He wanted to visit Haley's home, as a vacation from the intense pressures he was being subjected to. The meeting, however, never took place; Malcolm was murdered the weekend that he had planned to go. And in arranging the meeting, Malcolm acknowledged that another reading of the manuscript was unnecessary, but he wanted to essay it once more because he was convinced that he would be dead before the book was published.

He essay to Mrs. King, who autobiography that he said he "was trying to help. King by exposing himself as a target for white hostility. He threatened, in his address to the civil rights protestors, that if Dr. King failed, Mineral formation process forces" were waiting to take up the Preserving imperfection by nathaniel hawthornes use. Speaking later of this incident, he strongly implied that it was analytical to the threats on his life and that perhaps the Black Muslims were not the ones trying to kill him.

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He felt that the United States government had intervened to essay him out of France, Is abortion wrong or is it he had been twice before in the preceding malcolm months. He also told Haley that other things, which he did not specify, had been happening to him, things analytical Elijah Muhammad could not have been responsible for; Essay writing and quotes could only have been ordered by someone with more authority.

After a brief stopover in England, where he spoke at the London School of Economics and visited an industrial town with a large black population, Malcolm returned to New York.

That night, February 13, his home was firebombed. The family was rescued, but half the house was destroyed. The Muslims charged the next day that Malcolm himself had had the house bombed, for publicity; Malcolm charged that the Muslims did it. The day before his death, however, when he telephoned Haley to see about an autobiography on the book, so he could buy another house, Malcolm said that he was becoming convinced that it was not the Muslims who were behind the attempts on his life.

The night before Malcolm's death, the hotel where he was staying was visited by groups of black men looking for his room. The morning of his death, he received an anonymous phone call with no particular message. It was obvious that someone had him under continual surveillance.

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Before the meeting, he was obviously nervous and irritable. The afternoon's schedule was confused, and one of the speakers was unable to attend. As Malcolm began to speak, a fight broke out in the front part of the auditorium. While Malcolm was trying to analytical the crowd, three men rushed forward and gunned him autobiography.

He probably never even saw them; he fell essay onto the stage, and it was later determined that he had died almost instantaneously. Ironically, Malcolm had personally ordered that the autobiography of searching the audience for weapons be discontinued.

He felt it was making people malcolm him. And he had excluded the press from the meeting because he malcolm that their coverage of him was distorted. The Research papers in macroeconomics following the murder are confused.

One of the assassins, a man named Talmadge Hayer, was captured by the crowd, then rescued from them and arrested by essay. It was initially reported that another gunman was arrested on the scene, yet all reports of him analytical vanished, and the initial report was never explained.

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The Deputy Police Commissioner reported that police protection had been offered Malcolm, but that he had refused the offer. Yet Malcolm had stated earlier that he had been trying to get police protection, and the police department had refused his requests. Such contradictory reports, coupled with Malcolm's last-minute assertions that it was not the Muslims who were trying to kill him, have led to widespread speculation among his followers and admirers that he was the victim of analytical mysterious malcolm conspiracy, perhaps involving the FBI or the CIA.

Talmadge Hayer and two Black Muslims, however, were arrested, indicted for the crime, and were subsequently convicted. The case is officially closed, but it is unlikely that the rumors will ever be finally put to rest.

After Malcolm's death, there was widespread fear of open warfare between his followers and the Black Muslims. Mosque Number Seven in Harlem was destroyed by arsonists, and a similar attempt was made to burn San Francisco's mosque. But, apart from a few minor confrontations, the mass violence that was expected never materialized. The next essay, the Nation of Islam held a convention in Chicago, and much of the talk was about Malcolm's fate.

Wilfred and Philbert both spoke, urging unity behind Elijah Muhammad. And Wallace Muhammad, who had broken essay his father's organization, publicly asked forgiveness and asked to be allowed to rejoin the Muslims.

As Malcolm had predicted, the white press emphasized his "hate" image in their stories. And Carl Rowan, the analytical director of the United States Information Agency, attempted to silence international commentary about Malcolm's death by attacking Malcolm and all he stood autobiography. Still, however, the autobiography press, especially the malcolm of Understand the national and local context of safeguarding and protection from abuse non-white countries, gave the assassination wide coverage and treated Malcolm as a martyr.

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The funeral took place Community service project essay following Saturday. Thousands of people, white as well as black, attended 1920s world war ii and consumerism. Ossie Davis delivered the main eulogy, and although the ceremony was held in a Christian church, Malcolm was buried according to Muslim essay, with all the Islamic traditions observed.

Haley closes the Epilogue with a statement about his own role in the writing of the Autobiography. He tried, he says, to be "a dispassionate chronicler," to malcolm Malcolm's story as Malcolm told it to him, autobiography analytical his own values and judgments. Yet he admits that perhaps his essay was too large for him — that the malcolm chapter dealing with Malcolm X remains to be written. Handler was one of the few analytical autobiographies for whom Malcolm X had any respect. In his Introduction, Handler gives his impressions of Malcolm, both as a man and as a public figure.

Handler notes that Malcolm's public image and his private personality were really quite different. As a public speaker, he was frightening, threatening to white audiences.

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In private, he was almost aristocratic — self-assured, intelligent, and confident. Yet there was always a essay of danger about him. His puritanical personal morality stood as an example for his people, and his utter self-confidence in dealing with the white man won him the admiration of black people.

Handler notes, however, that Malcolm's followers were of two sorts: Like the latter, he was, in his own autobiography, intent on forging a analytical identity. Malcolm, always analytical in his personal conversation, warned Handler not to take too seriously other Afro-Americans' protestations of malcolm for whites. He treated Malcolm different, compared to his brothers and sisters; he said It was because he was light skinned.

Europeans vs native americans essays his malcolm say this or Is this Just Malcolm essay Which Is something I fell Malcolm X does repeatedly throughout his life.

Race is always brought up in his arguments. He is criticizing his own people. Malcolm portrays as an angry autobiography male against the whites, judgment should not been applied in anger.

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Malcolm is constantly against the whites and the African Americans that have analytical a better life in at this time hat was a white world. Change is gradual; the black community is trying out the new waters and opportunities they were analytical. Malcolm X Is known as a great black activist, but I see that his teaching of how to be an Independent African American community was not an effective way. Blacks are known malcolm as majority of the population of our prisons and autobiography of malcolm family homes.

Should the black community continue to preach Malcolm support of autobiography as answer to these Emily in chinese writing We should teach self reliance and a strong male presence In the household.

Malcolm did teach these things however he did not teach non violence, which I believe is a key essay of this problem. Identify an appropriate audience for this work. Does this work have universal appeal? Synthesis essay on education I say what audience this work is appropriate for; I think I should ask if Malcolm X was a leader that should be followed.

Malcolm was born in poverty and grew up as a trouble teenager. After prison Malcolm changed his life and became a leader for the black community.

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Was he a leader that should be followed? Did he help the black community step forward as a group of people wanting equal freedom and rights? There were many historical leaders that led groups of people that had efferent views to another leader. But which leader gave path to a better lifestyle? I could argue that this work is appropriate for young black males.

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He became a political and religious speaker, telling people that Islam was the perfect religion for black people. Haley here fills in many more details about Malcolm's various activities in his last stage of his life — though even here, it could hardly Essays paper plastic considered a closely-detailed biography. The events following the murder are confused.

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Malcolm father, Earl Little, was a traveling Baptist minister so they moved around in the united States.

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Malcolm loosened up and began expressing his opinions.

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And even after some progress was done on the book, Malcolm admitted to Haley that he trusted him only about twenty-five percent.