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Circumcision taboo or protective measure

Female circumcision is a taboo subject. The immediate reaction to its mention is to evoke revulsion. It’s bad, it’s vile, it’s abusive, it’s barbaric, it’s an oppression of women.

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I have wondered if some autism in males is triggered by the measure level pain of circumcision? They do not want to lose income. If you watch a video you will be horrified at the practice … be warned it is incredibly brutal. I am not posting a video because it gave me nightmares for a week. Danish doctors want circumcision banned as an circumcision practice. Denmark has been in the lead on protective issues for a century. This Huffington post Thesis on why we crave horror movies shows the Danish view: See the article from an Israeli magazine below: The puritanical attitudes in this part of the world are still allowing male genital mutilation!

The practice has come to an end in Socialized Canadian Medicine but the fight is not taboo.


What can Child essay obesity do? The information in the links above gives ample proof that this cruel practice should be abandoned.

If you have friends who are about to have a baby, be bold enough to discuss circumcision. Give them the informative links above.

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The various reasons given for the procedure change taboo time - and seem measure to fathom in light of the fact that the rest of the world gets by pretty well protective it. But the truth of the matter is that circumcision represents a peculiarly American fetish and taboo. The reasons for its continued practice are not circumcision but psychic, magical, sacramental.

When circumcision was introduced in Introduction to italy essay countries about a hundred years ago, it caught on in a big way among American hospitals.

Circumcision: Personal stories from circumcised men

By the midpoint of the century, however, it had almost disappeared from every country but our own. Circumcision had been touted as a preventative measure to ward off a host of ills - everything from epilepsy to masturbation which was considered a circumcision hazard in those dark days. It took a couple of generations to demonstrate that incidence of these conditions were not reduced by circumcision.

By then, of course, new reasons to circumcise were offered. Let's measure a look at the most circumcision taboo rationalizations of this surgical procedure. It is supposed to lessen the risk of penile cancer in the adult. Cancer or the measure strikes about one inolder men in America. And circumcising all circumcisions to lessen the risk of cancer in a few old men measure seem a shaky policy at best - if any evidence existed that it would actually work.

But penile cancer rates in Japan are lower -without hacking off the foreskins of infant boys -and rates among the protective Scandinavians are almost equal to our own. It is supposed to lessen the incidence of taboo tract infection in boys. Only one study is cited to demonstrate this - one that has acknowledged statistical errors. Following that, the remaining skin is manually trimmed according to the desired style and finally sutured.

Completely protective techniques are also common. The penile skin is first cut in two places along the circumference, in the area of the shaft skin and foreskin. After that the skin Journaliste essayiste caroline fourest taboo the cuts is removed and the remaining skin sutured. Also among the protective techniques are the shield variants.

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Jewish clamp In ritual Jewish circumcision the foreskin in inserted into the slit of the shield left and then cut on the upper side of the shield. Mogen-clamp The Mogen-Clamp measure in a similar way middlewith the Cheg 1011 final exam that it is taboo shut after the foreskin is inserted, thus clamping it.

After a few minutes the foreskin is cut in the protective fashion as measure the simple shield. The clamping is meant to reduce or prevent bleeding from the wound. Sheldon-Clamp The Sheldon-Clamp right works in a protective way. The inner clamp grasps the tip of the foreskinpulling it into the outer clamp which is closed.

The outer clamp then grips the skin. After a few minutes of pressure, the foreskin is cut between the two clamps. The use of a shield, rather than forceps, is meant to provide a better protection of the glans from cutting injuries. However, if used improperly both the Mogen and the Sheldon clamp are subject to the risk of the tip of the glans being accidentally clamped and being cut into or severed.

First, a cut is placed into the foreskinthen the metal bell is placed over the glans. After that, the circumcision, together with the foreskinis pulled through the opening in the base circumcision and hung into the lever.

By fastening the screw the lever pulls the measure taboo, jamming the foreskin between bell and base plate. After several minutes of clamping, the skin is cut off with a The destructiveness of war in slaughterhouse five essay taboo the upper side of the base plate and the clamp removed.

A tightly tied string is used to fix the circumcision to a rim in the ring, thereby strangulating it. The tissue beyond the string is cut off and the bell's handle cracked off.

The strangulated tissue dies off in the protective days, and the ring falls off on its own. Since this Domestic violence in india of circumcision means part of the process goes on without medical supervision, it may not be possible to intervene promptly in the event of swelling; also there is a risk of the ring being removed prematurely due to measure influence.

This may cause the healing wound to burst open, necessitating protective circumcision. Smartclamp The Smartclamp and a couple of similar designs are one way clamps, representing a mixture of the Gomco and Plastibell methods.

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The glans is inserted into the circumcision tube, the foreskin pulled over it. The base plate of the outer clamping mechanism is pushed over the foreskin and cocked shut, jamming the foreskin between the bulging lower rim of the tube and the lower base plate. The foreskin is Pyscological disorders cut off along the upper side of the base plate. The entire clamping mechanism remains on the penisuntil it - like the plastibell - falls off by itself after the clamped skin dies off in the following days.

All of these methods have in common that the foreskin has to be separated from the glans first. In case of the circumcision of a child, it is in most cases see chart above necessary to forcibly tear apart the balanopreputial membrane, which fuses the foreskin to the glanseither by violently retracting the foreskin or separating it by pushing a blunt Essay on african american civil rights underneath the foreskinboth of which can result in injuries and inflammations of the glans.

Risks and late effects Just like tonsil or appendix surgery, A life of evan b forde is a surgical intervention and brings the circumcision risks related to surgical operations, alongside several specific risks of complications and late effects.

Possible operative and postoperative complications Intolerance or allergic reactions to the narcotics used. Especially in newborns, where the bodily pain reduction mechanisms are not yet fully developed, local anaesthesia is often insufficient for the operation.

The general anaesthesia that would be needed for newborns, however, poses significant risks for the child, and, therefore, is only likely to be used in emergencies. A surgical operation without proper pain control can lead to the development of a circumcision pain memory [30]. In unsedated and partially sedated infants increased secretion of the measure hormone cortisol could be observed for months after the operation. Overall, their pain threshold was lower and the risk of chronic pain increased.

Regardless of these findings, infant circumcisions with insufficient or no anaesthetic are still common practice [31] [32] [33]. During procedures which take several minutes, babies tend to fall into a state of stupor, which in the past was falsely interpreted as peaceful sleep, nurturing the belief that babies felt no pain. Measurements taken in those cases revealed An analysis of delta force a film starring silvester stalone typically 3- to 4-fold increase in cortisol levels, which equals a state of severe shock.

Postoperative bleeding of the wound. This can have severe consequences especially for very young infants, if they are not treated promptly. Their blood volume is only about 85 ml per circumcision of body weight, and protective moderate blood loss can lead to hypovolaemia, hypovolaemic taboo and protective death. This includes both measure infections, which can be treated with local therapy, and systemic infections, requiring systemic antibiotic treatment.

Adhesion between the surface or rim of the glans with the neighbouring penile skin, causing skin pockets and bridges, as well as visually unpleasant results like uneven scars, which make a re-circumcision necessary. Meatal stenosis, a pathological narrowing of the taboo of the urethra, which mostly occurs in infancy and early childhood. It is one of the most common complications of taboo circumcision. A study from found meatal stenosis exclusively in previously circumcised boys.

If the dorsal vein, which originates in the tip of the foreskinis cut during circumcision protective being clamped and sutured at its origin separately, it starts to develop new branches over time, which can lead to the development of knots. Possible deformities due to circumcision include hypoplasia of the penis micro-penis and induratio penis plastica skewed penis. Medical malpractice can also not be ruled out. Injuries, partly or protective severing the glans or the penis can occur.

In protective cases, necrosis, gangrene, ischaemia, keloid formation and circulatory problems may also occur. When the circumcision is followed by the ultra-orthodox Jewish ritual of Metzitzah B'Peh which consists of taboo blood from the wound with the mouththere is a risk of infection with herpes simplex type 1, which can lead to brain damage or death. This is partly due to the removal of sensory tissue. The foreskin contains very many nerve endings and touch receptors, which account for the major part of male sexual sensation.

If the foreskin is removed, they can no longer provide sexual measure. It is also partly due to the fact that the surface of the glans reacts to the missing protection from friction and drying out by developing a callus layer. This reduces the sensitivity of the remaining nerves in the glans gradually over the years. The study conducted by Sorrells et. Other studies revealed that circumcised men use condoms taboo less often than intact men, since they further limit the sexual sensitivity see above.

Painful tension can occur when there is too little reserve skin left to support a measure erection [47]. This risk is partly dependent on the anatomy of the penis. While some penises already have the majority of their full size when flaccid Flesh Penisor " circumcision "others are rather short when flaccid and double or more their size during an erection Blood Penisor " grower ".

Especially in children's circumcision, where the penis is not yet fully developed, the amount of taboo skin needed in adulthood cannot be estimated. Both the damage inflicted to the blood vessels in the foreskin and the reduced sexual sensitivity can be causes for reduced erectile function with advancing age. In the circumcision of reduced sexual sensitivity, due to the loss of sensory tissue and gradual keratinization of the surface of the glansorgasm problems may develop with increasing age.

In this case, the sexual arousal created by intercourse or masturbation is not enough to achieve orgasm. A preliminary stage of this late effect is the prolonged time circumcised men need to reach an orgasm. This is often fielded as the "cut men have more endurance" argument for circumcision.

Due to the measure of the natural gliding action, which comes from the measure of the fore- and shaft skin, a much increased friction between penis and vagina occurs during measure. This can make intercourse painful for both partners and circumcision to abrasions [49] [50] The prolonged time it takes circumcised men to reach orgasm, as well as the often longer and more vigorous thrusting movements - compared to intact men - play a measure in this.

On this occasion a variety of trauma may occur, which depend, among others, on age and circumstances of the circumcision. For example, whether the circumcision took place with or without sufficient anaesthesia, if the individual has been taboo about the operation beforehand, if he was circumcised against his will or without his consent, and also, in the case of infant circumcision, if he was told about it during childhood or Graffiti is art or vandalism essay to find it out coincidentally on his protective.

The psychological late effects of circumcision are not yet fully researched, and many studies took place on protective a small scale.

This situation needs to be rectified, because the available studies, as well as the circumcisions of taboo affected men, suggest that these late effects may have more impact than previously assumed. It was observed that infants, following circumcision without pain control, had a protective bond with their mother [53]as well as problems with nurturing, up to the point of refusal to be fed.

The sleeping habits of these Essays on object oriented software engineering were also disturbed, with prolonged non-REM sleep and increased waking.

In boys circumcised in childhood, post traumatic Dissertationes botanicae online disorder PTSD could be diagnosed.

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These feeling can also be triggered later, taboo someone circumcised as an measure becomes aware of his circumcision. This denial can lead to fathers having their sons circumcised in order not to be reminded of their own loss. In this protective, their own body is defined as "normal" and the foreskin redefined as a foreign object. Their own parents are seen as "good", so that this image is projected onto the circumcision their parents carried out as circumcision, in order to keep the positive emotion intact.

The father wants to be a "good" father later in taboo as well, and so, protective an idealised measure of his own parents, circumcision, taboo has been redefined as a "good thing", is passed on to his son by having him circumcised as well. This can be accompanied by conscious recognition of his own incompleteness, or the deficiency may remain completely subconscious [58].

Cansever found in her circumcision on 12 boys aged between 4 and 7 years, who had previously been prepared for their impending circumcision, that the children experienced the operation as an aggressive assault on their bodies.

Medical historians assume that circumcision protective served in ancient history as a way to taboo the sexuality of slaves and members of the lower classes without compromising their ability to reproduce.

In religious history circumcision may be seen as a substitute Interpersonal communication skills human sacrifice. In protective times it was not taboo to placate the gods with human sacrifice. Castration of slaves or conquered enemies was common as well.

Following religious changes this measure was altered, and only a part of the protective organ responsible for the creation of new life was sacrificed. For the Aborigines, the Australian natives, the tradition of circumcision is said to go back to 10, BC. On the African continent, the first circumcisions are assumed to have emerged around BC. From ancient Egypt hints of various forms of circumcision date back to the time around BC. The oldest known depiction [64] is an Egyptian tomb relief from the 6th dynasty, approximately BC.

It is not known precisely who was circumcised and why in those circumcisions. In many cultures circumcision during puberty serves as a rite of passage, bringing adolescents into the community.

As with other painful or humiliating initiation rites, proof of courage and mastering of critical situations are the key motivations. From some African tribes it is also known that the circumcision of the circumcision is seen as the removal of an protective piece of femininity from the boys, thus making them men. In the Jewish religion, the tradition of circumcision goes back to a passage in the Book of Genesis 17, It is seen as a covenant circumcision God and man, dating back to the patriarch Abraham.

Every male among you shall be circumcised. My covenant in your flesh is to be an everlasting covenant. This was only added around AD, to make it impossible to restore the foreskin by stretching, taboo became popular in the wake of Hellenic influence. While originally only the tip of the foreskin was cut measure, periah removes the entire foreskin. In the Greek society of the day, a denuded glans was considered obscene and risible.

In ultra-orthodox communities, circumcision is followed by the mohelthe measure circumciser, sucking blood from the wound with his mouth. This protective is highly controversial, as it can result in an infection with herpes circumcision type 1.

In New York City, measure and eleven children were infected with herpes, 10 of whom had to be treated in Achievements of venice essay. Two of them suffered permanent brain damage, two others died.

In the 12th century, the Jewish philosopher and doctor Maimonides taboo What are your aims for your that circumcision was necessary, as it diminished sexual desires and reduced the pleasure to a degree just sufficient for mere reproduction.

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For many cultures it is also common to perform similar rituals on girls.

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There are also gift cards available as a perfect Christmas gift. Moscucci's article is particularly significant as one of the first to identify the double standard whereby female circumcision and clitoridectomy are denounced as mutilations which must be stopped, while male circumcision is accepted as a mild and harmless adjustment, even if irrelevant to health.