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Tests and graduations




Saggio20 maggio12:00Aula Master
Crisostomi21 maggio11:00Aula Master(verbalizzazione nel pomeriggio)
Bonomo22 maggio9:00Aula Master
Di Nunzio22 maggio15:00Aula Master
Mazzenga23 maggio9:00Aula Master
Cimino24 maggio9:00Aula Master
Cardarilli27 maggio10:00Aula Master
Fazzolari27 maggio11:00Aula Master
Siciliano28 maggio11:00Aula Master
Massarelli29 maggio10:00Aula Master
Quarta30 maggio10:00Aula Master
Re31 maggio14:00Aula Master
CosimiAula Master
BertolaAula Master
AndreottiAula Master
CostantinoAula Master
CrisostomiAula Master
ArgentiniStudio del docente Marco Re
BertiAula Master
RadiciottiAula Master
CatalanoAula Master


Sedute di Laurea

SessioneMeseData sedutaOrarioAulaTermine invio documentazione
IIMaggio31 maggio 201911:00aula Leonardo21 maggio 2019



To attend the students, they must send, by the specified date and to the e-mail address “mastersuono@uniroma2.it”, the following documentation:

  • Transcript
  • Title, topic, name of the speaker and abstract of the thesis (in Italian and English)
  • Complete thesis on single pdf file
  • Certificate of the internship
  • For those who have submitted exams for a credit number greater than 45, a table showing the 45 credits on which to make the average
  • It is also welcomed by a brief testimony in Italian and English, to be included in the relevant section of the site.

Candidates will also have to present at least a copy of the thesis in paper format during the session to allow the committee to evaluate the work they are doing
Presentations should have a maximum duration of 15 minutes and a maximum slide presentation of 15


Certifications of Vocational Training Course


The certificates of the Vocational Training Course will be delivered during Master graduations. For the required proof of delivery:

  • Send the request to mastersuono@uniroma2.it one week before the graduation session with the subject “Request VTC certification”.
  • Attach a complete statue of the transcript