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Tests and graduations




Appelli ordinari: fine di ogni ciclo didattico
I appello di recupero: ottobre
II appello di recupero: novembre/dicembre
Bertola23 novembre13:30 Aula MasterInviare mail al docente per prenotarsi al questionario di TMCM
Catalano2 dicembre9:00Aula Master
Costantino2 dicembre12:00Aula Master
Cardarilli2 dicembre15:00Aula Master
Fazzolari2 dicembre15:00Aula Master
Radiciotti3 dicembre11:00Aula Master
Crisostomi3 dicembre11:00Aula Master
Berti3 dicembre15:00Aula Master
Bonomo4 dicembre 9:00Aula Master
Re5 dicembre9:30Aula Master
Saggio5 dicembre11:15Aula Master
Di Nunzio5 dicembre16:00Aula Master
Quarta6 dicembre11:00Aula Master
Cimino6 dicembre10:00Aula Master
Cosimi9 dicembre9:30Aula Master
Andreotti10 dicembre10:00Aula Masterdeadline consegna materiale 07/12
Mazzenga11 dicembre9:00Aula Master
Siciliano13 dicembre12:00Aula Master
Massarelli14 dicembre11:00Aula Master
ArgentiniStudio del docente Marco Re


Sedute di Laurea

SessioneMeseData sedutaOrarioAulaTermine invio documentazione
IIIDicembre19 dicembre 20199:30-9 dicembre 2019



To attend the students, they must send, by the specified date and to the e-mail address “mastersuono@uniroma2.it”, the following documentation:

  • Transcript
  • Title, topic, name of the speaker and abstract of the thesis (in Italian and English)
  • Complete thesis on single pdf file
  • Certificate of the internship
  • For those who have submitted exams for a credit number greater than 45, a table showing the 45 credits on which to make the average
  • It is also welcomed by a brief testimony in Italian and English, to be included in the relevant section of the site.

Candidates will also have to present at least a copy of the thesis in paper format during the session to allow the committee to evaluate the work they are doing
Presentations should have a maximum duration of 15 minutes and a maximum slide presentation of 15


Certifications of Vocational Training Course


The certificates of the Vocational Training Course will be delivered during Master graduations. For the required proof of delivery:

  • Send the request to mastersuono@uniroma2.it one week before the graduation session with the subject “Request VTC certification”.
  • Attach a complete statue of the transcript