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Online didactic

Both the Master and the Vocational Training Course give you the ability to access online most of the lesson content. The online service, experimentally activated, requires the registration of the contents of the lessons at the university facilities. Instead, the most practical lesson recordings performed in external studies or outside activities are not always guaranteed.

Access to online content is available both for enrolled at the Master Level (both for online and front-line membership) and for all members of the Training Course.


The rules for accessing online content are as follows:

  • Access to content will only be available to members of the current academic year (frontal / online).
  • Content will be accessible only during the course of the didactic activity.
  • In case of need at the expiration of the enrollment period, you can contact the secretary in order to be able to request re-enrollment for a limited period.
  • Content is available for only personal-oriented tutorial. Any type of registration or distribution is strictly forbidden.
  • The service, experimentally activated, will try to cover the largest number of lessons taken in the classroom. However, we invite you to follow the front-line courses as much as possible so that you can interact directly with our teaching staff made up of professionals from the world of audio and the academic world.
  • Lesson content will be available in the section of the site accessible from the restricted area.


For support, testing and feedback please contact Dr. Marco Bertola.