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The Master MIS postgraduate degree aims to create advanced technical personnel profiles that can solve problems that arise in the recording and post-production phases of sound sources for various uses in the art and technical field. The professional figure to be formed is a “Sound Engineer” that has the appropriate skills for the recording, processing, processing, post-production and restoration stages at the engineering level, featuring skills in the world of entertainment in general.

The Master MIS is awarded to graduates (three-year degree new ordinance or old degree degree) in technical, scientific and literary disciplines, graduates at Music Conservators who wish to undertake the activity of sound engineer, sound engineers who want to deepen issues of interest in their professional field.



Just one of these:

  • BA degree
  • Conservatory graduate
  • Equivalent to one of the previous ones



  • Prof. Marco Re
  • Dr. Marco Bertola
  • Dr. Gianluca Susi
Scientific Committee
  • Prof. Mario Salerno
  • Prof. Marco Re
  • Prof. Giancarlo Cardarilli
  • Mo. Maurizio Massarelli
  • Mo. Riccardo Cimino
  • Prof. Marcello Salmeri
  • Prof. Stefano Bertazzoni
  • Dr. Gianluca Susi


Didactic structure

The Master’s degree is tied to the achievement of a predetermined number of credits. The minimum level of credits required for Master’s degree is 60 and can be reached in one or two years taking into account that:

  • The classroom, classroom or online attendance course with a relative final assessment appraisal entitles you to a number of credits proportional to the duration of the course (1 credit every 8 hours of front lesson).
  • Participation in a internship with the support of university and / or local tutors entitles you to 5 credits (equivalent to 40 hours of front lesson).
  • The execution of a project-work at the end of the year under the tutorship of a course teacher gives 10 credits (equivalent to 80 hours of frontal lesson).

Both participation in an internship and the carrying out of a project-work are mandatory in order to reach the minimum number of credits (60).



One to two academic years depending on the individual study plan.

The number of hours of interactive teaching with the teacher is 480, of which 360 hours of didactic activity delivered through lectures and front-end tutorials and / or internet technology. In addition, training activities (stage and project-work) involve 160 hours of activity with the assistance of the teachers. The Master achieves 60 training credits, corresponding to 1500 hours of total student engagement.

According to art. 8, paragraph 1 of the University Regulations, may be recognized by the Master Council: training, postgraduate and postgraduate studies followed by the completion of a degree granting access to the Master’s degree and of which there is a certificate, provided that they are consistent with the characteristics of the Master himself. These activities are awarded credits for the completion of the Master’s Degree, with corresponding reduction in the required training load, up to a maximum of 20.


Admission Fees

  • Completion in an Academic Year: 2500€
  • Extension of enrollment to the II Academic Year: 900€

The extension to the II Academic Year will be completed if the student does not complete the internship within May after the expiration of the I Academic Year.